Your Digital Guide to Spring Cleaning

The days are getting longer and the snow is melting. At our headquarters in Montreal, Canada, we’re certainly hoping this means we’re emerging from winter. With the change of season, it’s the perfect time to declutter both your home and your digital spaces. Check out our tips below to spring clean your digital life.

Getting Rid of What You Don’t Need

Like you’d clean out your garage or closet, you need to go through your computer to clear out those files and programs you no longer use (and may have forgotten you downloaded)! These take up space and could be making your computer slower. Look at your list of programs and ask yourself:

  • Do I still use this program? If not, you can likely uninstall it
  • Does this program need an update? If so, update them so you have the latest and greatest versions

Here’s what it looks like in Windows 10:

If you have Windows search for “Apps & Features” in the bottom left hand corner or go to your “Control Panel“.

And if you’re on a Mac computer, this is what you’ll see:

On your Mac you can open up your “Finder” and go to the “Applications” folder.

If you’re unsure about a program don’t hesitate to reach out to us and make sure it’s okay to uninstall. We’re here to help! You can also consider using an uninstaller program to ensure that program is completely gone, we use Revo Uninstaller.

You don’t have to limit your spring purge to just programs. Go through your files too. If you have a ton of files you no longer need, or maybe have duplicates, free up some space by deleting them.

Now that you’re on a roll with your digital spring cleaning, why not clean out your inbox too? Many of us use our computers primarily for communication and they can add up. Here’s some tips on how and why you should go through your inbox.

Don’t forget to empty the trash on your email accounts too!

Deep Cleaning Your Computer

It’s important to make sure the files remaining on your computer are clean. FixMeStick is the deep clean your computer needs. Did you know that FixMeStick finds malware on more than 80% of the computers it scans, even though 99% of our customers run antivirus software?

Right now save $10 when you spring clean your computer with FixMeStick. FixMeStick:

  • Finds and removes infections that got past your antivirus software and hide on your system
  • Starts before you system boots to remove stubborn infections that can’t be removed while your system is running
  • Works with your antivirus software for an added layer of security

FixMeTip: make sure your have an antivirus program you can trust to protect your clean computer. We’ve partnered with McAfee Total Protection to get a discount exclusively for FixMeStick customers. Try it today and save!

Backing Up What You Don’t Want To Lose

Now that you’ve clear up some space on your computer and you only have your most important files and programs, consider doing a backup of your computer.

A backup refers to copying everything that’s on your computer to a secondary location – either in the cloud or on a physical drive – so no matter what happens to your computer your files are safe. We recommend:

  • SOS Online Backup – we’ve partnered with SOS to get a special discount for FixMeStick customers
  • A physical hard drive  – these are great if ‘cloud’ backup isn’t your thing. They come in a variety of sizes and colours and their auto backup software makes the process painless

FixMeTip: you may think you don’t have much data to backup, but think about those sentimental things that you don’t use daily but would hate to lose. Better safe than sorry when it comes to backing up your files.

Polishing Your Privacy

Your computer is organized, clean and backed up. Next step is to refresh on your good habits so your device stays this way.

First, secure your accounts. This means update your passwords and setup two factor authentication for an added layer of protection on your accounts.

FixMeTip: Come up with mnemonics or sentences that spell out your password. For example “The red fox jumped over the one lazy dog” could help you remember the password “Trfjot1ld”, which has the right amount of random letters, capitals and numbers. You can also add symbols like $%#*&^!@ for an extra strong password.

Next, review your security settings on your accounts and Internet browsers. Commit to reading privacy policies going forward or don’t install programs that come tied to confusing data privacy agreements.

Bonus tip! Check out what you’ve uploaded or posted to your social media accounts in the past year– is there anything you want to remove or think more consciously about in the future?

Cleaning The Physical Computer

Now the inside of your computer is clean, it’s time to focus on the outside – the physical parts of your computer. Just like other aspects of your home, your computer collects dust that can cause it to overheat and run slowly.

  • You can use a can of compressed air to clean dust, debris and dirt away from any electronics in your home. Check out this tool with great reviews on Amazon
  • For your screen be sure to use the right spray and cloth so you don’t scratch it. This Screen Cleaner Kit has everything you need to clean every screen in your home safely

Have any other digital spring cleaning tips? Share them in the comment below!

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    I have liked Windows XP and of course the Windows 7 Deluxe which I now use. When I bought this computer it had Windows 10 on it, a product which I really do not like. I had the 10 removed and 7 put on the new ASUS desktop computer. It is a shame that Microsoft is allowed to do this to the consumer.

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