You Won’t Guess These Fifteen Fun FixMeStick Facts!

Here are 15 fun FixMeStick facts you may find interesting: 

  1. The FixMeStick is a malware removal product compatible for PC and Mac operating systems that uses a Live USB architecture, Linux as its operating system, and anti-virus engines from Avira, McAfee, and Sophos. It also has FixMeStick’s ScanArray, providing an additional 7 antivirus engines accessed over the Internet.
  2. The FixMeStick is a hardware product with its technology integrated behind a single full-screen application (the user never sees Linux, or any of the antivirus engines).
  3. The FixMeStick is for the world’s 2 billion non-technical Internet users who lack a Lisbeth Salander in their corner.
  4. We appeared on Dragons’ Den twice since the founding of the company, but instead opted to build FixMeStick without external funding.
  5. With the help of 1000 backers in a Kickstarter campaign, we raised 50k dollars to release a FixMeStick for Mac in 2014.
  6. Canadian Business and PROFIT ranked FixMeStick 9th in the 29th annual PROFIT 500 list of Canada’s fastest growing companies.
  7. We live and operate in Montreal (the world’s 20th best city for startups).
  8. We’re pushing 40 and still write the software ourselves.
  9. When we started FixMeStick our twitter accounts had less than 10 followers combined.
  10. The FixMeStick is available internationally – including retailers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.
  11. We just released a new commercial which features many members of our team, including our two founders Corey Velan and Marty Algire, as well as our VP, Annie Sorich!
  12. We offer free tech support for our customers via chat and email.
  13. Our mascot is the FixMan – he wears a red cape, which has become an important symbol of our FixMeStick culture.
  14. We all share one large office – engineers next to support agents next to management!
  15. When we say “FixMeStick,” people giggle.

If you know us, or know of a FixMeStick fact we left out, go for it 😉