You Won’t Believe What Career Is In Demand For All Ages

This week’s theme for Cyber Security Awareness Month is ‘Careers in Cyber Security’. Currently there is a severe shortage of cyber security professionals, causing a risk to our nation’s security. Some experts say there will be a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals by next year. This is due to the growth rate of cyber security positions, which is almost 4x faster than the average growth rate of all other occupations. And with an attractive salary why not consider the cyber security field? 

It’s never too late to start learning about cyber security. The field is especially appealing to those re-entering the workforce, like military veterans. Rich Baich, Wells Fargo’s Chief Information Security Officer, says ‘being a veteran himself, he knows that as a result of military training, veterans tend to be mission-oriented and have an appetite for continued learning, and they’re calm during a crisis”. These are great skills for cyber security professionals. 

These miners are another great example of individuals re-entering the work force as cyber security professionals. They turned from coal-mining to lucrative development jobs in Kentucky.

If you’re interested or know someone who might find these opportunities interesting:

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