World Password Day – And The Award Goes To…

It’s almost World Password Day! From all of us here at FixMeStick, we wish you a Happy (early) World Password Day! To celebrate, we will be posting a daily blog this week concerning all things passwords!

2017 faced some real challenges in cybersecurity. With ransomware leading the way, password awareness has come to the forefront more than ever. 

Check out these top 10 Canadian cities affected by ransomware:

  1. Toronto
  2. Ottawa
  3. Montreal
  4. Markham
  5. Calgary
  6. Vancouver
  7. London
  8. Edmonton
  9. Winnipeg
  10. Saint Catharines

It’s easy to understand why Toronto and Ottawa rank the highest in malware infection rate, simply based on population, business, and government activity. Given the congestion in these areas, password security is increasingly important to prevent the spread of malware and loss of personal data.

Alternately, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 American cities who are using the strongest passwords in 2018:

  1. Minneapolis, MN
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. San Francisco – Oakland, CA
  4. Detroit, MI
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. Denver, CO
  7. New York, NY
  8. Saint Louis, MO
  9. Washington, DC
  10. Miami – Fort Lauderdale, FL

This ranking is based on average password recycling, and password strength based on the following guidelines:

  1. A combination of letters, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase characters
  2. 12 characters or more
  3. Unique and different passwords for every account
  4. Avoiding common phrases, names, or places
  5. Using a password manager like Dashlane (try it free!)

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