Windows 10 Deadline


In case you’ve missed the notifications on your computer, Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows operating system: Windows 10.

Over the past year, the upgraded operating system has been offered for free to any computer running Windows 7 or Screenshot (4)8.1. Over 350 million devices are now said to be running this update. Windows 10 is coming up on its one year anniversary which will also be the last day to upgrade for free to the new operating system. Tomorrow (July 29th, 2016) is the official last day you will be able to upgrade your computer for free to Windows 10.

Unsure what the Windows 10 upgrade would change on your computer? We’ve got you covered. Below are some of the major changes Windows 10 is offering.

Start Menu

Rather than the tile system of Windows 8.1, Windows 10 returns to the traditional start menu with a twist! On the right side of the start menu you’ll see a few of the tiles from Windows 8.1, a mix of old and new. This allows for easy navigation of all your programs, while still having the convenience of the tile applications.


The virtual assistant isn’t just a search bar.  It  can do a variety of other tasks such as schedule appointments, get map directions, and give you reminders. You can also do this all through your voice. It can be a useful feature, located right next to the start menu and soon outside of the lock screen as well.

New Features

On August 2nd, Microsoft will be releasing an anniversary present of a bundle of new features for Windows 10. Some of these features are said to include improved power efficiency, improved security for Windows Defender and a new capability called Windows Ink for touchscreens.

After July 29th, Windows 10 will still be available to users but it will begin costing $119 to upgrade, or $199 for the pro version. If you do think you want to upgrade to Windows 10, make sure to do it in the next day.

The other great thing about Windows 10? The FixMeStick is compatible with it! This means you can keep using your FixMeStick without worrying about Windows 10 stopping you.