Why Your Antivirus Is Not Enough

Think you’ve got your bases covered because you already have an antivirus program? Think again.

Here are 3 reasons why you should adopt what we like to call a layered approach to cybersecurity. Think about the seatbelt and airbag in your car. They both work to keep you safe as well as your own street smarts.

#1. New viruses are created everyday

PandaLabs captured 18 million new malware samples in 2016. Traditional antivirus response times are just too slow and viruses are becoming too smart. You need an external device, like the FixMeStick, to scan and remove viruses that are designed to hide from antivirus software. 

#2. You don’t have to click to get hit

We’ve started to see new attack vectors like malvertising. It is an advanced new way criminals hijack advertisements often on legitimate websites that you use everyday. The scary part is you don’t need to click on the advertisement to get infected. Simply being on a good site on a bad day puts you at risk.

#3. Targeted attacks can bypass blacklisting

Traditional antivirus programs work by identifying threats and blacklisting them; however, the attack on the New York Times is evidence of how hackers can get around antivirus blacklisting. Over the course of the attack, there were 45 pieces of custom malware deployed— undetected.

In conclusion…

Real time antivirus programs is a must. This is why every FixMeStick customer is entitled to a discount on McAfee Total Protection.

However, you also need an external device to make sure your computer is clean. In 2019, FixMeStick found malware on more than 82% of computers scanned, while 99% of our customers run antivirus software. Running monthly FixMeStick scans should be on your list of resolutions this year.

Buy yourself a FixMeStick today. FixMeStick updates it’s malware definitions every time you use it and connects to the cloud to find even more threats. It’s like scanning your computer with 3 antivirus engines in one.


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