Why You Should Never Do This If You Want To Be Secure Online.

Data breaches are quick and easy attacks for hackers to access a jackpot of personal information. Home security gadgets such as Google’s Nest are starting to inform customers of personal internet and password security breaches, but what’s the number one thing you can do to protect yourself from breaches without these tools?

It’s simple; never reuse your passwords!

Why you should never reuse your passwords:

  • Hackers use breached passwords across multiple platforms – it doesn’t matter how strong a password is, if it is being used across multiple platforms then you’re exposed, in turn exposing all of your accounts and data.

How do password breaches happen?

  • Keyloggers from an existing virus on your system: keyloggers are programmed to track everything you type on sites that present key words like “login”, “password”, bank account urls, and email and social media accounts.
  • Phishing scams can lead you to legitimate looking pages asking you to “login” or enter personal data, in turn resulting in exposing your  password to impostors.
  • Credit card breaches: there can be malware on cash registers or online shopping sites.
  • Internal service provider breaches: many sites use different service providers to help them organize their businesses. These services store customer data and if hacked, expose a trusted companies customer database and personal information.

Rules to stick to:

  • Each account should have a different password – this means never reusing a password and  includes reusing an old password several months later. If a password has been breached before, it can be breached again and re-expose your data.  
  • Use a password manager  using Dashlane will help you organize all the passwords you need to remember, making it easier to stay secure.
  • Use Two Factor Authentication wherever possible – most websites requiring a secure login will have the option for another layer of login authentication. Enable this wherever possible creating an even stronger barrier between your data and the hackers.
  • Don’t wait to change your password – if you become informed of a breach involving an account you may have, change your password right away! Any time exposed is more time for your information to be spread to further hacking, financial fraud, and eventual identity theft. Dashlane makes updating your passwords easy.

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Last year 2.6 billion online accounts were breached. Dashlane is the easy solution. Try it for FREE today. The only way to protect your identity and online accounts is to use unique passwords everywhere. makes that easy.