Why You Need More Than Just Antivirus Programs

Ever wonder how you got viruses on your computer, even when you have a respected antivirus program on it? Once upon a time, an antivirus software was enough protection from even the nastiest viruses out there. Unfortunately, technology, malware, and hackers are getting smarter. Consequently, it’s getting harder to stop them.

How are viruses getting past your antivirus program?

1. There are more viruses out there than ever before.


Nearly 1 million new viruses are released everyday, and it’s impossible for your antivirus program to recognize them all right away. It can take the antivirus programs a few days to recognize the newer viruses, and in that time the viruses might already be on your computer.

2. It’s easier to download viruses than it used to be.

Before, all you really had to do to avoid viruses was pay attention to what you were clicking on. Now, sites can host advertising that they don’t realize is malicious. This means, you can be going to a legitimate site but the ads aren’t. If you click on these ads, they can download a new virus onto your computer without you even realizing it.

3. Viruses are changing incredibly quickly.

Viruses are changing constantly, causing a race to develop between the virus changing to slip past the security, and the antivirus building up new blocks to stop that from happening. If a virus slips past the security during the race, it becomes much more difficult to get rid of (which is where the FixMeStick comes in).

4. Most antivirus programs can’t fully remove viruses once they’re on the computer.


Antivirus programs focus on keeping viruses off of your computer. They try to remove viruses that have slipped past the defences, but are not as effective at removal as the FixMeStick. Viruses can interfere with the programs trying to remove them, and can hide within the computer so the scans miss them. With the FixMeStick, the scan is running while the rest of the computer is turned off –  the device is inactive and so are the viruses, and therefore easier to remove.

The best option is to use the FixMeStick in partnership with antivirus programs. They work as a team: the antivirus stopping most viruses from getting through and FixMeStick picking up the ones that do. Double the protection, double the safety.

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