Saltzman’s Craft

It’s been over a month and our impressions of Marc Saltzman’s performance at the 2013 SYNNEX retail revolution show remain in mind…rather than keep it to ourselves, here’s why we think Marc’s worth listening to:

  1. He’s fluent. No notes, no zero calorie words, no redundant statements.
  2. He’s interesting. His narrative worked. It was trivial to follow along.
  3. He’s clearly developed presentation style. There were no clichés, no jargon, no empty\overused statements.
  4. When he used humour it worked, probably because it didn’t try too hard.
  5. His visual aids had the intended impact, i.e. they visually aided what he was saying.

And, he never used the ultimate  tech cliché “today’s consumer wants their data wherever they are, whenever they want it, and on whatever device.”

The man can present, and we were impressed.