Why Do I Need to Run a FixMeStick Scan Every Month?

We noticed a lot of our users were asking a lot of the same questions. So we’re here to answer some of your top questions about running your FixMeStick virus removal device!

I received an email from FixMeStick reminding me to run a scan each month. But is that really necessary?

No antivirus software is perfect due to the sheer volume of new and novel malware threats released everyday. Use your FixMeStick each month to remove the threats that got past your antivirus program. It’s the smart, simple, and safe way to keep your computer clean of infections.

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My scan says no viruses were found, is that good?

That is great news! If the FixMeStick doesn’t find any malware, that simply means your computer hasn’t been infected by any new viruses since your last scan.

If you think your computer is still infected, please let us know – we offer a “Virus Removal Guarantee“! Because there are so many new viruses released every day, no single antivirus company can detect them all.

The FixMeStick is powered by an embedded multi-scanner that combines industry-leading technology from multiple antivirus engines and accesses even more engines over the internet to achieve up-to-the-second responses to the latest threats. So if you think the FixMeStick may have missed something, our technical support team can help. You can contact us via email at support@FixMeStick.com.

To keep your computer clean, only connect to secure websites, only download extensions and applications from the app store, and use an antivirus program in partnership with your FixMeStick! 

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After running my FixMeStick my computer is still slow. What should I do?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to a slower computer speed. The FixMeStick is a virus removal device, and if there are viruses on your computer that are causing a slower performance speed, running a FixMeStick scan can definitely help speed up your computer’s activity.

However, if your scan results show that your computer is clean, then the speed of your computer is more likely caused by an issue unrelated to viruses. Contributing factors could be how old the computer is, the number of programs and files you have on your computer, or your computer’s memory.

Looking for tips on how to speed up a slow computer? Check out our article here for PCs or here for Macs!

Alternatively, you can use a PC Optimization tool to help clear out non-malicious files that clutter up your computer and slow it down. Our pick is System Mechanic! Click here to learn more, and save up to 50% on your subscription to System Mechanic! 

FixMeTip: Make sure your FixMeStick scan is connected to the internet in order to detect newly released viruses!

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Does the FixMeStick need to connect to the Internet to scan?

No, you can still run a full scan of your computer without the internet. However, you won’t receive crucial updates that protect you from newly released viruses. You may have noticed “Step 3, Updating Malware Definitions” when running your scan. This step is very important.

Essentially, this means the FixMeStick is receiving the names and definitions of newly released viruses, so it knows exactly what to look for when it scans each of your files. If the FixMeStick does not connect to the internet, it doesn’t receive these updates about the latest threats leaving your computer at risk of a virus going undetected.

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Having difficulty connecting to the internet in a scan? Click here for our recommended troubleshooting steps for PCs, or here for Macs. You can always contact our customer support team for additional help.

Give yourself peace of mind, and stay on top of viruses by scanning your computer every month with the FixMeStick!

Have a question? Leave us a comment below or send us an email to support@FixMeStick.com.

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