Where Does FixMan Come From, and What’s With the Red Cape

From time to time, in our product or in our communications, you might have noticed this guy: FixMan.










Here’s why: in 2014, Corey and I pitched the FixMeStick on Canada’s Dragons’ Den. The Dragons’ Den is like Shark Tank, only in Canada. In fact, two long standing “sharks” (Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary) are actually Canadians who used to be on Dragons’ Den.










We were worried that our pitch was not “sexy” and would not make good TV. So we wore capes…I know, still not sexy or good TV. Corey and I are engineers, and this was the best we could come up with. The pitch went really well and each of the “dragons” offered to invest in our company.




Ever since, the red capes have been a fun part of our company’s culture! Watch for others wearing their FixMeStick capes with the hashtag #VirusRemovalHero.

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