What You Need To Know About The Latest Data Breach at Sears Holding & Delta Airlines

The latest data breach is affecting Sears Holding and Delta Airlines. It’s being said that approximately 100,000 customer credit cards were exposed through one of their service providers when they suffered a malware attack in September. Keep reading for everything you need to know. 

[24]7.ai is a chatbot that provides online customer support by using a speech-to-text system. [24]7.ai was unfortunately hacked and this allowed the hackers to collect data from Sears Holding customers. The larger issue lies in the fact that [24]7.ai was hacked last fall, and Sears Holding was only informed in March, 2018.


Sears and Delta reacted immediately, creating tracking and support sites for potentially breached customers. According to their research, Sears Holding believes that any customers who made online purchases at Sears or Kmart between September 27, 2017 and October 12, 2017 may be at risk. Sears credit card users and in-store shoppers seem to be safe from the hacking, but Sears Holding ensures they have taken appropriate security measures.  

Best Buy has since come forward with an official statement claiming the use of  [24]7.ai as well. Unfortunately, a number of Best Buy customer payment information could have been equally compromised. 

Resources for customers include:

Start here if you think your data could have been released:

  • Change all your passwords – this includes email, social media, banking, and other payment related passwords. When resetting passwords, combine these tips with Dashlane for the best security.
  • Cancel your credit cards – call your bank immediately and inform them of the situation.
  • Use a credit-monitoring service – in the case of the Hudson’s Bay hack, call them and inquire.
  • Run a FixMeStick scan – this may seem unnecessary – with your breached data hackers can gain access to all of your personal information, and that includes your home computer.

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