What You Can Expect from Tech in 2021

2020 really did change everything – especially when it comes to what we value in our work, health, and social life (you never know how good it is until it’s gone right?). As we begin to take our first few steps into the year, many are wondering exactly what 2021 has in store for us. Today, we’re going to look at what to expect from technology specifically and whether or not these changes are here to stay.

In 2020, we’ve seen just how technology can influence our daily life. Whether it’s watching your favourite musician do a live stream concert, or even having a drone deliver your groceries, we’re all curious to know what 2021 has in store for us when it comes to tech.

With that being said, here are 5 new trends you can expect to see from technology in 2021!

Increase in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of AI in technology has always had its fair share of controversy, especially when every sci-fi movie features some form of advanced AI as the antagonist. However, as researchers continue to work on and develop AI using methods of “deep-learning“, the uses of it appear to be limitless.

Recently, AI has been used to map the spread of various illnesses, help with the development of self-driving cars, and even powering better smart home technology; we may also begin to see AI in the form of delivery robots and even caregivers!

While you might be a bit skeptical about letting AI drive your car for you, some of the biggest innovations are actually coming from the world of healthcare, where AI is being used to understand human biology and complex medical data.

Advanced Health-Technology

With the global pandemic looming overhead, many have been hoping to see some form of healthcare breakthrough come 2021. Though the vaccine is on the horizon, there have also been a ton of apps being developed that have the potential to revolutionize how we view healthcare.

From Google and Apple teaming up to create a new contact-tracing app, to apps that can perform basic health checkups, health technology has come a long way over the past few years. We can likely expect huge changes in how we view and prioritize our healthcare in the upcoming year.

5G Networks at Home

There’s been a lot of discussion concerning 5G networks over the years, but this year we may expect to see 5G as the new norm within our own homes. 5G means faster and more reliable internet, but not just for your smartphone. No matter where you are, a speedy connection will be available for all your devices, allowing you to browse online, watch videos, and even play video games without having to worry about a slow connection. How nice would it be to watch a video without buffering?

With that being said, as 5G moves to center stage other forms of connection, such as the traditional cable and broadband, may likely be phased out. Though this may be a bit of a shock for some, the use of 5G means that you won’t need to be tethered to one spot for optimal internet use, giving you access to a high speed internet connection wherever you go.

Moving the Cinematic Experience Closer to Home

As movie theater across the world continue to be affected by COVID-19, many people are opting to replicate the cinematic experience from the comforts of their own home, and we don’t blame them! With Warner Bros set to release all their movies through their streaming service, many companies are switching to streaming from home, accepting the fact that movie theatre sales may not bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.

Although many miss the comforts of the cinema, this hasn’t stopped them from consuming huge amounts of TV and movies from the wide variety of streaming services available at their disposal. In 2021, companies will likely turn to streaming services to launch their movies; we may even see a drop in HD TV prices as well!

Working from Home Becomes the New Norm

In an effort to prioritize safety and health, many companies have moved their operations away from the office and have urged their employees to begin working from home instead. Here at FixMeStick, our team has been working remotely since March. Luckily we were already well set up for it so it’s been a smooth transition.

As companies begin to realize work can still be done from the safety of one’s home, more technology is being developed to maximize the comfort and efficiency of your home office in 2021.

Recently, cloud-based services have become a big hit among the work-from-home demographic, with researchers expecting nearly 60% of companies to use cloud-based apps! Alongside the variety of video call applications that are starting to fill the market, working from home has become increasingly easy and efficient! Especially now with e-commerce dominating the market, we’re likely to spend a bit more time online than we previously did, but that can bring it’s own set of problems as well.

As you continue to spend more time online, it also means that your computer and online activity will likely be more susceptible to a malicious attack. To maximize your cybersecurity be sure to run a FixMeStick scan once a month.

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