What To Get Your Grad Who Has It All

With Father’s Day right around the corner it can only mean one thing, graduations! Maybe your child or grandchild is graduating this year, have you thought about what a great graduation gift could be? This graduating generation seems to have it all, especially when it comes to technology, but it’s important to help keep them safe in today’s digital world. Often they can be oblivious to threats because they’ve grown up with technology. Keep reading for great grad gifts for kids that seem to have it all. 

1. McAfee Total Protection – so they’re secure on any device, where ever they go! Often the kids that have grown up with technology have a pretty good idea of how the internet works and are not too concerned about data sharing. But they need to protect themselves, their devices and their information. McAfee can protect up to 5 devices – tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops – so they’re safe. 

2. Dashlane Password Manager – studies show that millennials are more likely than older generations to have several complex passwords instead of one that’s recycled across accounts. Give them one less thing to remember with a password manager so they can keep up the good habit without without the hassle! And while you’re at it, try Dashlane yourself for free here

3. FixMeStick – most millennials have a personal computer and use it for everything – including watching TV.  To ensure a virus from streaming summer events doesn’t ruin their laptop get them a FixMeStick. It’s the world’s best selling virus removal device and a no-brainer when it comes to computer security. And if you get it for them, maybe they’ll be able to clean your computer with it too! 

Remember, younger generations tend to think they know everything when it comes to technology. But they can still be oblivious to online threats which can put them at risk. Gift them one of these cybersecurity products and make sure they’re safe for wherever their next steps take them.