Getting Weird Messages on Facebook? You’re Not Alone

If you were surfing Facebook Monday you may have seen some unwelcome blasts from the past. While some users found this amusing, others were triggered by content they had long forgotten.

What was happening? 

Old messages would appear in a user’s inbox, right alongside recently sent messages and current conversations. Though the issue is now resolved this flaw reminds users that communication sent through the Facebook Messenger App are not deleted.  

On November 27th Facebook reached out to The Verge stating, “the issue, caused by software updates, has been fully resolved.”

This isn’t the first time the tech titian has been scrutinized for messing with memory. In 2015 Facebook’s “On this Day” feature populated News Feeds and private pages with significant photos chosen to elicit action on the platform. The only problem was the algorithm couldn’t distinguish between the happy posts and sad posts it chose to promote.

Users also found this feature jarring, but it was a psychological miscalculation rather than a programming error.

This year has seen a shift of opinion towards Facebook from gentle giant to terrifying data keeper, people have now become more skeptical of the platform.  Be sure to think before you share.

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