Weekly Roundup: June 16th – June 22nd

Hey there, FixMeFans and StartMeStars! We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. We’re back with another edition of our weekly roundup where we deliver the most recent comings and goings of the cybersecurity world.

This week we’re dealing with an eBay staff worker being charged with cyberstalking, how data-harvester Oracle has exposed billions of people’s records due to a security flaw, and how hacker group ‘Anonymous’ has taken down the Atlanta Police Department website after recent shootings.

Recently, a couple in Natick, Massachusetts has found themselves targeted by a strange cyberstalking campaign which had allegedly been orchestrated by eBay management.

The couple had run an online e-commerce newsletter which was sometimes critical of eBay, and had since found themselves receiving several threatening packages aimed to bully them into shutting down their newsletter.

Apparently, among the packages that the couple received were a preserved fetal pig, live spiders, fly larvae, a funeral wreath, a book on surviving the loss of a spouse, and a box of live cockroaches.

Since the initial cyberstalking campaign, six former eBay employees have been charged with aggressive cyberstalking. You can read more on the situation here!

In the latest news of security breaches, tech giant and data-harvester, Oracle, has recently exposed billions of people’s records all over the world by leaving one of their servers unsecured without a password.

Oracle had acquired data-tracker BlueKai back in 2014, which allows companies to use cookies and other technologies to track potential customers and in turn market products towards them. With that being said, it is estimated that BlueKai tracks 1.2% of all web traffic.

It had recently been discovered that one of the servers had been unprotected by a password, and all the information was available for public viewing. While none of the information had been too confidential, it is nevertheless a lot of exposed data.

Curious? You can read up on the situation here.

Following the recent fatal police shooting of Rayshard Brooks, hackers who affiliate themselves with the hacktivist collective ‘Anonymous’ have reportedly taken down Atlanta’s city police department.

At 8:30 am last Sunday morning, the city’s police department’s website was offline for roughly 3 hours, following an announcement by the Twitter account Anonymous USA. While their involvement in the attack hasn’t been confirmed, their recent video threatened to “expose the many crimes” of Minneapolis police following the killing of George Floyd.

You can read up on the event here!

That’s all for this week’s roundup folks! We hope you’re staying safe with all that’s going on, especially when it comes to your cybersecurity!

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