Watch Out For This Netflix Scam Trying To Trick You!

3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Accounts Safe

There is almost 1.5 million new phishing sites popping up every month – and they’re becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Even the savviest cybersecurity professionals can fall victim to these scams. Read about the latest scam aimed at Netflix customers below.

phishing mail

Starting in Europe and the UK, this scam email has started to spread to North America. Here’s what you need to watch for:

  1. An email from supportnetflix@checkinformation[.]com. The domain “checkinformation[.]com” does not belong to Netflix which is a big red flag!
  2. The email informs you your account has been disabled and you need to update your payment info.  A reputable company will not provide you with a clickable button to their site.
  3. It then directs you to a fake login page, very similar to Netflix, and asks you to fill out your payment details. If you are putting in sensitive information always look for the green lock in the address bar of your browser and “https://”.

This isn’t the first time this has happened to Netflix. So here’s 3 easy steps to make sure your online accounts are safe:

  1. Always login to the company’s site by typing in the address yourself. Never get redirected to a company’s site from an email link – this could be dangerous.
  2. Have a unique password for different sites – your banking and Netflix password shouldn’t be the same – and make sure to change your passwords periodically. Limited-time offer below for McAfee® Total Protection which comes with a free TrueKey password manager. 
  3. Report fraudulent or suspicious activity. Reputable companies take fraud very seriously, if you notice anything suspicious email them. Netflix has a specific email you can send your concerns to:

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