Virus Alert: SamSam Ransomware

March 2018 has proven an active month for ransomware around the country. A blatant attack on the government, SamSam ransomware has hit two major American cities. First Colorado, rendering Colorado’s Department of Transport computers useless, then no more than a week ago Atlanta was struck, and only yesterday WannaCry attacks on Boeing have been reported. Due to these attacks many government tasks are being handled by the old-school method of handwriting! Despite the concentration of attacks this month, city-wide computer hacking is not a new concept. In 2017, Dallas experienced a municipal security threat by having their weather sirens hacked. This persistent blaring for 1.5hrs was only the beginning of larger threats to follow. With ransomware continuing to spread, keep reading for everything you need to know to protect yourself.

What to know about SamSam Ransomware:

  • It started in 2015 through hospital computer systems
  • It has been attacking healthcare, government, and multiple other industries
  • Its targets shift – wherever they see a weakness, they strike
  • Vulnerable RDP, VPN, FTP servers, or Microsoft ISS’s are the popular targets currently
  • The hackers research their victims before they strike
  • It requests a low ransom, almost ensuring their victims will pay – the cost of losses in downtime is often greater than just paying the ransom
  • If you pay the ransom, SamSam has upheld the reputation of restoring data
  • To date, the ransomware has made over 850,000$

This is proof that ransomware is evolving:

  • SamSam is a perfect example that Malware has become a platform for a business model
  • Backups won’t save you – but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
  • Password protection is more important than ever – Dashlane will help keep your passwords uncrackable and secure!

Has it been stopped or will it strike again?

  • SamSam ransomware is still active and targeting system vulnerabilities. It is unknown what the next strike may be, but it is advised to take precautions now

Just like any other ransomware, follow these additional tips to protect yourself:

  • Do inform yourself by researching what’s out there
  • Do run a routine FixMeStick scan – don’t wait until it’s too late
  • Do run your antivirus software while working on your device
  • Do consistently update your operating system, anti-virus software , and FixMeStick
  • Don’t send unknown people money
  • Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders or strange emails
  • Don’t click on pop-ups
  • Don’t visit suspicious websites

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