Under the hood of the new FixMeStick

Our latest advancements are 100% under the hood and make the same FixMeStick work on many different types of PCs, with optimization for Windows XP, Vista, 7 , 8 and 8.1. Together it made for a really challenging (and interesting) upgrade, but we’ve got something novel as a result. Please let us know what you think!

Read more to see what we’ve achieved with our upgrade:

1. It’s got a Master Boot Record.

In other words, it boots on BIOS-based PCs, essentially all PCs prior to Windows 8.

2. And it’s got UEFI boot partition.

It’s also got a UEFI boot partition, so it will boot on PCs with the latest UEFI firmware too.

3. It’s 32 bit.

There’s a 32 bit operating system on the stick so it will work with 32 bit microprocessors. Most rescue ISOs\disks are 32 bit only, so by default they work on 32 bit processors and 64 bit processors.

4. And it’s 64 bit.

All new Windows 8 PCs use UEFI, and will only boot 64 bit operating systems (unless UEFI firmware settings are changed).  So, there’s also a 64 bit operating system on the stick. The user doesn’t have to know if their processor is 32 or 64 bit, the FixMeStick figures it out and loads the right operating system.

5. It supports Secure Boot.

Its boot loader and operating system kernel are signed with the Verisign\Microsoft key and the signature is stored in the UEFI Key Enrollment Key database, so it will boot on PCs that ship with Windows 8 without requiring the user to fiddle with UEFI and Secure Boot settings. No other virus removal solution can do this yet, not even Microsoft’s own Windows Defender Offline.

6. And the USB storage device is under 1024 MB.

There is a generation of PCs that won’t boot external drives greater than 1024 MBs, no joke. To maximize bootability, we have to stick to external storage devices under 1 GB.

These updates will allow more people to easily and quickly be free of viruses by using the FixMeStick!