Hack Alert: Under Armour Under Attack

Only last week Facebook came forward with claims of compromised user data, and today Under Armour is revealing the same. Under Armour purchased the popular fitness app MyFitnessPal in 2015. Now, in February, over 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts were breached, causing it to be one of the largest data breaches in history. Under Armour is urging users to change their passwords, Dashlane can help you do this.

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What to know:


Keep an eye out for:

  • Phishing scams. Do not open unknown emails or attachments. The compromised emails are extremely useful and valuable to hackers.
  • Other accounts being compromised. If you use the same passwords, change them now!
  • Bank and Credit Card statements. Although this information was not directly exposed, the application connects to your devices.

What we recommend:

Try Dashlane today! Here are just some of the features of Dashlane Premium:

  • Automatically log into your accounts so you’ll never forget another password
  • Automatically syncs across all your devices, so your passwords are always with you
  • Generate strong, unique passwords with a single click and change them in seconds
  • Create and log into accounts with a single click
  • Securely store and autofill payment information for instant checkout
  • Secure passwords and data in Dashlane’s military-grade encrypted vault
  • Optional two-factor authentication for added security
  • Safely encrypt and backup your account to the Cloud
  • Set up an emergency contact to inherit your passwords in the event of an accident
  • Can automatically changes passwords on 500 websites
  • Premium customer service with priority VIP status
  • Have cross-platform use for Mac, PC, iOs, and Android
  • Receive security monitoring services and breach alerts

Don’t wait to start being proactive about your protection! Get your Dashlane Premium Subscription today! This discount won’t last long.