This Windows Vulnerability Could Put Your at Risk

Remember when we told you it’s crucial you update your software? Recently, Microsoft started urging people to patch their Windows system following reports of attacks based on their BlueKeep vulnerability.

Bluekeep, which is the code-name for the security flaw CVE-2019-0708, was first revealed in May 2019, and there have since been numerous reports of this flaw being exploited. So go update your operating system now.

What is BlueKeep and How Does It Affect My Computer?

The Bluekeep vulnerability essentially allows attackers to gain access to a computer through the system’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which gives them remote access to your computer. 

Typically, you’d have to enter an ID and password to get through, but through the security error hackers are able to bypass the login screen gain access to your computer, and pretty much do whatever they’d like. 

With access to your RDP, hackers will have complete control over your computer, allowing them to install malware, remove applications, view your data, and even disable your security settings.

Once given access, reports indicated that the hackers installed a cryptocurrency miner malware, which allows hackers to use your computer’s resources to create a cryptocurrency. In certain cases, hackers installed ransomware, effectively locking down computers until the ransom is paid.

Certain Versions of Windows Are More Likely to be Affected

This Windows security error affects any computer that uses a Windows operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2008 R2. If you’re using a different version of Windows or you’re up to date on your patches, then no worries! However, if you’re still using an older version of Windows, you’re at risk of being hacked.

Still using an old operating system? Or maybe you have Windows 7 and you’re not sure what to do when Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7 this January?

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What You Can Do to Stay on Top of Potential Security Vulnerabilities

While you may believe that you’re computer isn’t at risk, it’s always in your best interest to stay on top of updates and patches, as security flaws always open the door to increasingly serious threats that take advantage of negligence. 

You can find patches available for download on the Microsoft website. And although Microsoft has made patches available for every version,  reports estimate that hundreds of thousands of devices are still vulnerable to hackers.

At the end of the day, Microsoft repeats its advice to people hoping to protect themselves against the vulnerability: continue to patch your systems, and update frequently

Updates are always a bit tedious, but they’re there for a reason: to keep your system secure and protected against outdated flaws and errors!


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      Hi Lemuel, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, the StartMeStick is only available on a subscription basis at the moment.

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    I have a fix me stick it’s about four years old does it still work?

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    We have a Fix me stick that does not seem to be working correctly?? Recently a message comes up that says “you are not on line.” We may have had it about 4 years. Does the fix me stick have an expiration date on them. I would appreciate your help. We have Windows 10. We are older folks who do not understand all the new technology. HELP!!

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    Hi will my fix-me stick # FMSKE44904 , still work ? and for how long ?
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