This Is The Safest (And Easiest) Way To Keep Your Accounts Secure

Our customers frequently ask us for computer security recommendations. Where possible, we will work out an exclusive discount for FixMeStick customers for computer security products that we recommend. Dashlane Password Manager is a must-have. The best way to protect your identity and online accounts is by using strong, unique passwords everywhere. However, keeping track of passwords securely is difficult. With Dashlane, you benefit from having a software program create strong, unique passwords for you. Dashlane will then automatically fill in the login page for your online accounts. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

But what if Dashlane gets hacked?  That’s a great question!

  1. Your Master Password is never stored on Dashlane’s servers. You and only you have your Master Password, and your Master Password is required to decrypt all the unique passwords you use in your online accounts. The Master Password is never stored anywhere by Dashlane. It only exists in your brain. This way, even if Dashlane was to be hacked, your passwords can’t be decrypted without your Master Password.
  2. Your database is encrypted  with  AES-256 encryption. It’s so strong that as of now, no one has figured out how to turn AES-256 encrypted data into something readable. Which means if someone was to get their hands on your information, they wouldn’t be able to make sense of it either way.

PC World calls Dashlane a robust password manager that is “perfect for the less tech-savvy” individual who still need a safe and secure solution. Try Dashlane today and discover how much better life is when you never have to remember another password.

This Password Manager Will Change Your Life!

– No need to remember or type a password again.

– Easily use strong and unique passwords for every website.

– Sync passwords across device, automatically login to websites and fill forms with a single click.

– Monitors the security of sites with your passwords and notifies you if there has been a breach.