This Is The Latest Breach That Exposed Over 11 Million Emails

Last Monday, independent security researcher Bob Diachenko uncovered an open customer database with over 11 million records. The information included customer’s names, email addresses, zip codes, and home addresses. All of the emails were Yahoo! based, so it was probably part of a bigger database. Read on to learn more.

Where’s the data from?

Diachenko had to dig to locate the owners of this database. He traced many customers to SaverSpy, a site that offers discounts and coupons without registration– the discount codes are sent to mobile numbers or email addresses.

This same method of coupon distribution is used by, a Quotient Technology web page. Diachenko reached out to notify Quotient Technology but their representative informed him SaverSpy was only part of an affiliate program.

This unguarded database was taken down a few hours later but SaverSpy has not made any public claim of responsibility and it’s unsure whether they’ll reach out to affected customers.

Though the database is now secure, you can be sure phishers and scammers will try to target the people whose contact information was exposed. However, since the data had remained intact (not encrypted) by the time Diachenko stumbled on it last Monday, September 17th, there’s been speculation that the attack was a botched automatic takeover.

This is the second MongoDB slip-up Diachenko reported on this month, with the first being last week’s Veeam breach.

Take some precautionary measures:

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  1. Mary Crawford -

    I ran FixMeStick on Monday and renewed my McAfee account yesterday.

  2. Peter Alan Skroback -

    How do I know if my data was leaked?
    Are they going to notify individuals that are effected?

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey Peter, we’re unsure if they’ll notify affected individuals. Your best bet is to change your passwords and not respond to suspicious emails!

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