This Is How You Can Get A Virus Without Even Knowing

Hackers continue to get sneakier and smarter. Is it possible that they have now found a way to download malicious threats onto your system without your input or knowledge?

Gone are the days of logical virus dodging – keep reading to learn about “drive-by” malware, how to avoid it, and what FixMeStick can do if you think you’ve been infected. 

A drive-by download is a file that can be downloaded onto your computer simply by visiting a malicious website, with no permission required. These threats are downloaded quickly enough that the user won’t even realize that it happened.

These viruses love to take advantage of vulnerable systems, for example out-of-date operating systems like Windows 7 or outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer. Once the initial threat is on your computer, hackers can connect to unleash additional viruses within your system.

The result: viruses begin to spread on your computer, putting your private information at risk. Drive-by downloads are most typically connected to typo-squatting bait websites, or phishing scams

How to Avoid a Drive-by Threat

  • Never skip an update – this applies to all aspects of your computer, but most importantly your operating system, browser, and FixMeStick.
  • Never open emails from people you do not know – if you see an email from someone you do not recognize, fight the urge to fulfill your curiosity and simply delete it right away! By opening these unknown sender emails you send a trigger to hackers that your email is active. This will open a flood-gate of endless spam emails with social engineering tricks, until you eventually download a malicious attachment or follow a link to a drive-by download site.
  • Keep your McAfee running – while you’re browsing on the internet, ensure your antivirus is running. McAfee will provide an extremely powerful firewall that will stop viruses in their tracks.
  • Run a FixMeStick scan – if you think you could have clicked on something accidentally, run a FixMeStick scan right away, in addition to your regular bi-monthly scan. This will ensure that you are protected and malware free.

Even if you don’t remember clicking on anything strange or visiting a strange website, it’s a good idea to run a FixMeStick scan. This will confirm your system is clean or remove the bad guys right away.

Don’t risk it – run a FixMeStick scan today!