This Is How You Can Create a Strong Password You’ll Actually Remember

Are you using one of the Worst Passwords ever?

Choosing a password can be a very stressful event. The worry between “not secure enough” and “much too complicated” looms over us all.

To simplify this process, we suggest trying one of our niftiest tricks:

Use a password mnemonic!

A mnemonic is a memory device using patterns and associations. Mnemonics are used for an infinite array of topics, are particularly helpful with studying and learning languages, and especially useful when it comes to creating passwords!

Famous mnemonics include:

  • I before E, except after C 
  • Roy G Biv – for remembering the rainbow; Red, Orange, Yellow Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
  • Every good boy deserve fudge/FACE – used in music to remember the notes on the treble staff

Some tips when choosing your password mnemonics: 

  • Use a sentence or phrase specific to you – something describing a personal experience or interaction, for example ‘I live in a cozy house’ becomes ‘Iliach’
  • Use a phrase that contains upper and lower case letters – for example ‘I lived in a cozy home on Elm Street’ becomes ‘IliachoES’
  • Use a pattern that contains numbers – ‘I lived in a cozy home on 7890 Elm Street’ becomes ‘Iliacho7890ES’
  • Try to use symbols too – ‘I paid $700/month to live in my cozy home on 7890 Elm Street’ is now ‘Ip$7/mtlimcho7890ES’

Now that you have the perfect password, you can feel that your personal information is safe and sound!