The Virus Lab – What Is Scareware

Scareware is a malicious file that falsely informs the user their computer is infected, only to actually infect it in the end. This is mostly a psychological manipulation and often appears in the form of a pop-up.  Other names include Deception Software, Rogue Scanner Software, and Fraudware.

Traits of Scareware

  • Providing false messages from anti-virus software – this will trick the users into downloading a fake anti-virus software by informing them their computer has been infected.
  • Bombarding your desktop with false-solution pop-ups -these pop-ups often indicate the “problem” and the “solution”.
  • Using emails to trick you into downloading malicious files.
Some Scareware will bombard your screen with false-solution pop-ups.

Noteworthy Scareware

  • SpySheriff
  • XP Antivirus 2009
  • Total Secure 2009
  • AdwarePunisher

How to Avoid a Scareware Infection

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