The Virus Lab – What Is A Backdoor

A Backdoor is a software that opens an undocumented portal to the infected device. In terms of Malware, this opens up a passage for other infections to make their way onto your computer, in addition to providing access to hackers to come and go as they please to take over your system.

Traits of a Backdoor:

  • Hiding from the user – very few symptoms and difficult to detect.
  • Bundled with other viruses – trojans often carry backdoors, allowing more Malware into your system.
  • Spying on the infected computer – allows hackers access to personal data, keystroke logging, screenshot capture, and file infection and encryption.
  • Exploiting software vulnerabilities – similar to worms, they will spread and multiply without the user’s knowledge.

Infamous Backdoors:  

  • FinSpy – changes Windows firewall settings, decreasing overall security.
  • Tixanbot – provides the hacker with complete unauthorized access to the infected system.
  • Briba – runs on a hidden FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which allows unauthorized downloads to be made onto your device.

How to Avoid a Backdoor Infection:

  • Do run a routine FixMeStick scan.
  • Do consistently update your operating system, anti-virus software , and FixMeStick.
  • Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders or strange emails.
  • Don’t click on pop-ups.
  • Don’t visit suspicious websites.

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