The Traveler’s Guide to Being Cyber Secure

Travel, like technology, is a huge part of lives. In 2018, baby boomers estimated taking 4-5 leisure trips, while millennials took an average of 3.5 vacations in a 12 month period. With 71% of travelers using their smartphones when they travel it’s more important than ever to keep your devices secure while on the go. Whether you’re beach side for spring break or cosying up somewhere chilly for the winter holidays we have everything you need to know to stay secure while on vacation.

5 Easy Steps to Secure Your Personal Data and Devices While Travelling So You Can Enjoy Your Vacation

1. Before your vacation even starts, be cyber aware

We saw a ton of data breaches in 2018 – from hospitality like Marriott to airlines like Air Canada affected. From this we see it’s very important to protect your information when booking flights and hotels for your holiday.

We recommend using a separate email address for the sole purpose of booking your trips, and if possible, a separate credit card as well! This way if your information is leaked in a data breach scandal, your primary email and financial information isn’t stolen.

2. If you need to check sensitive information (your bank account) while travelling we recommend doing so with a virtual private network

A VPN will keep your online browsing and location private while you use public internet connections. This means that hackers can’t see your private information!

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3. Password protect all your devices

If you’re travelling with your laptop, tablet, or phone make sure they have a password that is unique and difficult to crack (no birthdays, or pet names!)

Add a double layer of security by enabling two-factor authentication on all your accounts. 2-Factor Authentication requires you to check a second device (like your phone) for a unique code when you try to access your account. This means that you will know if anyone tries to log into your account without authorization, and you can lock-down your accounts remotely in the case of laptop thieves!

4. Have an up-to-date antivirus installed on all your devices

Never leave your devices vulnerable to nasty viruses and malicious malware when on the go! With McAfee Total Protection you can protect up to 5 devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Its cloud-based threat analysis keeps you protected against viruses, including ransomware, without slowing you down. Check out the FixMeStick special discount here.

5. Back-up your important documents and images 

Your valuable work documents and treasured family photos could be lost if you are a victim of phone or computer theft during your travels. It is important to always back them up to an external hard drive or cloud-based service.

We hope these tips give you a cybersecure, and more importantly, relaxed holiday. Remember to like us on Facebook for regular tips, and check out our blog for the latest in cybersecurity threats and online safety recommendations!

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