The Scary Truth Behind Why Simplicity Is Essential To Your Security

We all want the latest and the greatest when it comes to our technology. However when it comes to computer security, is that really what you need? A lot of security software has become complicated and layered. The bottom-line is they’re not always user-friendly. Enabling even the simplest feature can become a treasure hunt. This complexity actually damages efficiency and makes it more difficult to secure a device. Here at FixMeStick we’re proud to say we value simplicity! Keep reading to see why simplicity is essential to your security.

The facts:

  • Recent surveys show that 67% of the participants had complaints about the level of complexity involved in antivirus security.  
  • Customers also expressed concerns about cost. Common sense would suggest higher price, higher quality product, but this isn’t the case. Many times customers are bombarded with additional features and end up paying for them too, but ultimately their security suffers.

Why simple can be better: 

  • Saves time and frustration – the key to computer security is staying consistent in your scans. You’re more likely to actually follow-through with a scan if it’s simple.
  • Risk and confusion-free security – when things get complicated, it’s easy to get lost. If your security solution is simple, you won’t accidentally change a setting when trying to get started. This can create vulnerabilities in the software, ultimately causing you to be at risk. 99% of firewall breaches and 75% of mobile breaches are caused by accidental setting misconfigurations.

The good news: 

  • FixMeStick is here to help – cofounder, Corey Velan, built the first FixMeStick for his mom. Now with over 1 million customers we continue to prioritize a user-friendly virus removal solution. The simplicity of the FixMeStick device, combined with the latest updates in malware definitions, allows our customers to receive the highest level of security.
  • Getting started is simple – simply plug-in the FixMeStick to get started – no software installation, conflicts, or passwords! We also have easy-to-follow articles to help with any issue our customers could run into, plus we offer free customer service to all our customers, based right here out of Montreal, Canada. 
  • Stay up-to-date automatically – our FixMeStick engineers are working around the clock to ensure your safety. As technology changes and improves, malware becomes smarter and stronger. As a FixMeStick customer, you have access to every sophisticated update our team provides – for free! As long as you have an internet connection you’ll automatically get these updates, you don’t have to do a thing.

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