The Malware Hall of Fame: WannaCry

WannaCry” or  “WannaCryptor” is ransomware that quickly spread to over 57000 machines in over 150 countries in just a few hours, and despite attempts to stop it, continued growing. “WannaCry” is being called the biggest ransomware outbreak the Internet has ever seen. Some are speculating it could be starting to spread again – earning it a spot in our Malware Hall of Fame. Keep reading to learn more about WannaCry and how to protect yourself. 

What it does:

  • Infects machines through a Windows vulnerability that Microsoft is reporting as stolen from the US National Security Agency
  • The virus infects machines through spam emails
  • Installs backdoors onto infected systems
  • Once  it infects your machine, “WannaCry” encrypts all your files and demands a ransom in Bitcoin cryptocurrency

How was WannaCry created?

  • Released May 12th, 2017
  • Initially it targeted computers that had no applied Windows exploit patches to Eternal Blue
  • Security analysts were able to discover a kill switch on Saturday May 13th, 2017; this initially just slowed the spread, but eventually Windows was able to create a patch to stop it
  • Recent reports show that WannaCry is back, and to continue taking precautions

This Ransomware “wake-up call” caused a huge halt in our computer-dependent world. Ransomware is still an extremely active type of Malware, but running a good antivirus and regular FixMeStick scan will help keep your computer clean and protected.


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