The Latest Data Breach You Should Be Aware Of

If you were jump-starting your Cinco de Mayo with some Tex-Mex in March or April make sure to check your credit information. What’s happening at Chili’s now is less than a party. Luckily we have everything you need to know to stay safe. 

Brinker, Chili’s parent company, just released a public warning stating that their restaurant chain was victim to a malware breach that compromised guest debit and credit card information as well as cardholder names. They’ve opened an investigation but are currently unsure which locations were affected by the breach.

This demonstrates how careful we all need to be with our online protection to make sure our private life stays private. We all need to monitor our security and be proactive about running FixMeStick scans to make sure we’re safe and secure.

What to monitor if you’ve been affected by this, or a similar breach:

  • Watch out for phishing scams that are released after a data breach – hackers will pose as the affected company to try and extort more information from you
  • Watch for strange charges on your credit card statements and any strange activity on your online accounts.
  • Go here to check how Chili’s plans to reach out to affect guests and keep yourself informed

Best practices if your data was breached:

Luckily the information here doesn’t involve your Social Security number, driver’s license information or your home address but we still need to be diligent with our online security. Subscribe to our newsletter on the right to get the latest threat alerts right to your inbox.