The Laptop Shortage Continues… When will it end?

Last year, as the world adjusted to the realities of working from home, many received a wake-up call when they went to buy a new laptop. Electronics retailers were facing a shortage of laptops due to the high demand. Now, the mad dash for work-from-home essentials seems to be over. So, why does it look like we will be facing a scarcity of laptops for years to come?

An image of a laptop computer that are in short supply due to the recent chip shortage and supply chain issues.

UPDATE: Supplies Are Still Limited (and will be for quite a while)

November 2021- While a boost in chip production has allowed certain manufacturers (such as the automotive industry), to increase production- the shortage is projected to last at least another 18 months. This means laptops will still be scarce, prices will stay high, and orders placed will experience shipping delays well into 2023.

Previous Supply Chain Problems

When lockdowns began in 2020 grocery stores were flooded with customers, there was no toilet paper to be found, and the demand for teleworking essentials, like laptops, skyrocketed. Additionally, production slowed for many companies due to stay-at-home orders and distancing restrictions. Even with the return to a normal rate of production, companies are still operating at a deficit due to the massive uptick in purchasing from last year, with many companies now lacking the raw materials to make their products.

The Chips Are Down

Last year, there simply weren’t enough laptops to go around to meet consumers’ remote learning and remote working needs. Now, it’s one essential component of laptops that are in short supply: semiconductors, also known as chips. A semiconductor is typically made of silicon and is used to conduct electricity through an electronic device. They’re an essential component of laptops and the scarcity has caused significant price jacks to new laptops, which manufacturers say could last until mid-2023.

An image of semiconductors which are typically made of silicon and are used to conduct electricity through an electronic device.

Other Affected Industries

The auto industry has also been hit hard by this chip shortage, forcing certain well-known companies, such as General Motors, to stop production in some of their plants. While many companies say this is temporary, it’s still a big blow to the auto industry as used car prices are currently reaching new heights. There is speculation that smartphone companies will be next to feel the effects of this global chip crisis.

Solutions On The Horizon

There is still hope!

Intel, a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, has committed $20 billion to build two chip factories in the US, with support from the US government through the introduction of the CHIPS for America bill in 2020. Intel also received support from European governments to support the chip factories. They plan to work with other large tech companies, such as Apple, who are beginning to feel the effects.

An image of the StartMeStick USB plugged into an old computer. The StartMeStick can be used to breathe a new life into your old computers.

But I Need a Working Laptop Now!

While it’s encouraging that governments and corporations are taking steps to solve this shortage, we’re at least 2 years from this issue being resolved. Many are still working or learning remotely, and don’t have the luxury of waiting for prices to drop for a functional laptop. Fortunately, if you have an old laptop or desktop computer lying around, you don’t need to. You can breathe new life into your old computer with the StartMeStick!

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  1. Jack -

    Can the StartMeStick be used on a windows Vista computer?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Jack, yes! We recommend using the StartMeStick on older computers (like Vista!) since they are no longer support by Microsoft – that simply means they no longer receive security updates and they’re more dangerous to use online. When you plug in the StartMeStick to your Vista computer it will breathe a new life into it so you can use it safely again.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.


  2. Billy Sanders -

    My fix me stick will not work on my laptop.

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Billy,

      Sorry to hear you are having issues with the FixMeStick. Please email our Support Team at so they can help troubleshoot!


  3. Anonymous -

    Is StartMeStick a different OS, and if so, will it transfer old files w/o corruption?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Yes, the StartMeStick runs on a Linux based OS. Everything you can do online you can do with the StartMeStick, however it is not designed to install software or other programs. It doesn’t save anything so every time you unplug it, it is like brand new! Let us know if you have any other questions.


  4. Anonymous -


    It just does not work for either sticks

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Philip,

      I am sorry you are having issues with both the FixMeStick and StartMeStick. Can you please email our Support Team at so they can help you troubleshoot?


  5. Rebecca A Linville -

    My computer is a couple years old and I don’t know really if it’s my internet being just basic internet? But would a Start me stick help with it being faster? I do really like my fix me stick and if there has been any problems with my computer I have had good support from fix me stick so thank you.

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Rebecca,

      It’s hard to say. If your Internet is slow because of your Internet Service Provider, than the StartMeStick will not help. If the Internet is slow because of your computer i.e. the hardware itself is slowing you down than it should definitely help! Every time you plug it in, it’ll be like a fresh, fast, computer. If you’d like we have a 30 day trial so you can try it out, or get the full year subscription that comes with a money back guarantee. You can learn more here:


  6. Anonymous -

    Please call me I’m having a problem being able to run my fix me stick on my computer It’s running windows 10 . Also do I need to purchase a start me stick ? Thanks Garry Long , @ 479-319-3155 Garry Long LGR880@SBCGLOBAL.NET

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