The Art of Computer Virus Removal

Some malware is sophisticated and will evade detection by traditional anti-virus. Specific viruses like rootkits are able to trick your operating system and avoid detection. To isolate and remove them, you need a solution that operates outside of your OS. Let’s learn how to fix computer viruses.

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You need an external virus removal device.

When experts talk about external virus removal, they’re referring to anti-virus solutions that are hosted on storage devices outside of the main computer, like flash drives and external hard drives.

This isn’t to say that running regular anti-virus scans with whatever application you can get your hands on isn’t important – it is. Any kind of anti-virus is better than none.

However, if you’ve already used some well-known anti-virus applications and your issues persist or keep coming back, you should consider running an anti-virus scan off of an external device while your OS is offline.

In the past, creating and configuring a bootable anti-virus flash drive wasn’t an option available to non-technical people who just wanted a better way to clean their computer. (You’re very tech oriented and have a lot of time in your hands¬†? Here is how to create a bootable USB virus scanner).

Basically, removing virus was an art accessible to only gifted people.


The FixMeStick was created for this purpose: provide a virus removal solution for non-technical people that is easy to use, incredibly effective, and provides the best value in terms of time and money.

With the FixMeStick, removing computer viruses only involves 2 steps: 1) plug in your FixMeStick to an USB port, 2) Click to start a scan. It’s that simple ! Your hard drive will be scanned by 10 (yes 10!) antivirus scanners and infections will be quarantined.

Not only the FixMeStick has made virus removal a science, but also a very simple one !

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