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NO BOOT FOR YOU! Will Windows 8 Kill Live CDs & USBs?

In January 2012, Microsoft confirmed it would require hardware manufacturers to enable Secure Boot on Certified Windows 8 devices, and that x86/64 devices must provide the option to turn it off while ARM based devices must not provide the option to turn it off. Soon after the feature was announced, it caused widespread fear it…

Why We Built the FixMeStick

We’ve spent our careers in Internet endpoint security, and at our last company we saw every day how malware was consistently beating anti-malware and how stranded that leaves people.

So we heeded the call and lit out to build the FixMeStick. The principles underlying the FixMeStick are tried and true, and are no surprise to anyone in Internet security. The engineering challenge would be to get the principles to work on a mass scale for non-technical consumers.