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You Graduated to Internet Safety 202

This is part II in a series of blog posts we have written about Internet Safety. Let us know in the comments if you like these articles. Plus if you haven’t read the other articles, you can check them out below.

Part I: Polish Up Your Internet Safety Skills

Part III: 5 More Internet Safety Tips for the Everyday User

In our previous internet safety article we gave you some tips to polish up your Internet safety skills. We also asked what you do to stay safe online and received a host of helpful comments. We’ve summarized your best tips below in what we’re calling “Internet Safety 202.”

8 Things You Really Want to Avoid to be Safe Online

It’s the middle of February which means you’ve probably long forgotten about your New Year’s cyber security resolutions. But they are important, so here’s a refresher of what you should not be doing online! 1. Using the same password (like your dog’s name or favourite sports team) across all your accounts If there’s one thing…

Safer Internet Day – Together for a Better Internet

The global digital population was an estimated 4.2 billion people last year and it’s only growing. But so are safety concerns. 52% of Internet users are more concerned with online privacy than they were a year ago. Think about your social media accounts – 3.4 billion people use social media to document their lives and keep up with loved ones. Yet 6 in ten people feel that social media has too much power. Our team has put together some awesome advice on how to stay secure online in time for Safer Internet Day.