How To Fix A Slow Computer 303

Is your computer still not as fast as you’d like after trying the solutions in “How to Fix a Slow Computer 101” and “How to Fix a Slow Computer 202“? This is the final part of our ‘How to Fix a Slow Computer’ series that can save you a trip to the computer store or a technician!

In this article, we have an easy-to-use solution, that can make any computer fast, secure, and private and bring an old computer back from the dead.

Simply plug in the StartMeStick to breathe a new life into your old computer and do anything you want online. Pull it out and your computer goes back to the way it was. The StartMeStick is like brand new every time you use it.

What are Operating Systems?

For those not very familiar with computers, you might be wondering – what do we mean when we refer to an operating system?

Operating systems are software that makes everything function on your computer. It is the connection between all the computer components, so think of it as a manager that manages everything by making sure each component gets what they need to run smoothly.

Another way to understand the operating system is to think of it as a translator. It is able to translate between the computer’s language (aka binary code), and your commands.

For example, when you want to command your computer to open a file, it is the operating system that will translate your command into binary code so the computer can understand you.

Image of the Windows operating system that can cause a slow computer.

Types of Operating Systems

There are many types of operating systems so we will not go into detail about most of them. The majority of computer users will either have a computer that runs on Apple’s macOS or Microsoft’s Windows OS, with OS being the acronym for operating system.

Within each specific operating system, you can have subcategories or versions. For example, Apple likes to name its most recent macOS versions after locations around the state of California.

Microsoft, however, is more predictable with names, numbering them: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. (FixMeFact: read about why Microsoft did not release a Windows 9.)

If you have Windows 7 (or recently upgraded), you likely know that Microsoft recently stopped support for Windows 7 – meaning it’s no longer a secure OS to browse the Internet with. If you upgraded to Windows 10, then your computer is still running a Windows operating system, but just a newer version of it.

A family using a computer.

How a Slow Computer May Be Caused by Your Operating System

Today, Windows and macOS are the two dominant operating systems on the market. Besides being user-friendly, the two are also built-in with other useful programs. These built-in programs however could be part of the reason why your computer is slow.

For example, bloatware or special effects on Windows 10 may be running in the background without your knowledge. Tracking programs, put in by Microsoft or Apple, could also be running in the background to track your every move in Windows or macOS and cannot be turned off, which in turn slows your entire computer down.

Someone using a slow computer.
Tracking programs put in by Microsoft or Apple could also be running in the background to slow things down.

Which Operating Systems are Fast?

Most computers you purchase from the store come with the operating system pre-installed. But if you’ve ever built your own custom computer, then you’ll know that you can choose an operating system when setting up your computer.

Believe it or not, despite Windows having nearly 87% market share in the operating system world, it is actually not the fastest one out there.

In the technology world, there is a general consensus that the fastest operating system is Linux. In fact, Linux is used on 500 of the world’s Top 500 supercomputers. Some of these Linux-based operating system versions (also called ‘distributions’ in the Linux world) are called Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, and Fedora.

Switching to a Fast Operating System to Speed up Your Computer

If you’ve removed viruses and clutter from your computer and it’s still slow, it may be time to try the StartMeStick!

You no longer have to be limited by the operating system that came pre-installed onto your computer. The great thing about the StartMeStick is you can plug it in and do whatever you want online, then unplug it when you’re done.

Keep in mind that some programs are only compatible with a specific OS. For example, if you use Safari to go on the internet on your macOS computer, then you would not be able to download Safari on the StartMeStick. But lots of browsers, like Chrome, are compatible across multiple operating systems.

Breathe a New Life Into Your Old, Slow Computer

The truth is, most of us don’t want to fuss with installing a new operating system, and we enjoy having the option to go back and forth easily! If you feel the same, then the StartMeStick is perfect for you!

We designed the StartMeStick to breathe a new life into your old, slow computers. It’s portable and can be plugged into any computer (Mac or Windows!) to give you a private, secure, and fast way to do everything you want online.

Image of the StartMeStick USB.

It uses Linux Debian, so it’s extremely fast and easy! The StartMeStick never slows down because it doesn’t save anything; it doesn’t collect the junk that causes frustrating errors, crashes, freezes, and slowdowns. It is like brand new every time you use it.

The StartMeStick is perfect for:

  • Computers that are running into startup errors (like the Blue Screen of Death) or otherwise can’t boot properly
  • A computer that is running slow, misbehaving, or no longer receiving security updates from Microsoft or Apple (like Windows 7)
  • When you want to be confident that you’re secure and private online
  • Restoring old computers and reducing e-waste

The StartMeStick sold out in just one week at Costco! For a limited time, we’re offering free shipping so you can try the StartMeStick risk-free! Our current stock is low so don’t wait. CLAIM YOUR STARTMESTICK TODAY!

Learn even more about the StartMeStick by checking out our FAQ Page, or by commenting your questions below!


  1. Trevor Holloway -

    If I purchase this Start Me Stick, do I still need to use MYFIXMESTICK, because I am not buying both.

    • Linda -

      Hi Trevor, StartMeStick and FixMeStick have different functions. While you’d use a FixMeStick to clean an infected computer of malware, you would use a StartMeStick when you want to turn any computer (whether it’s infected or not) into a fast, private, and secure one for browsing the Internet. It’s up to you to decide which one, or both, work better on your computer.

  2. James Johnson -

    I always hate it when somebody shows ads like this and don’t mention what the cost is. So, if I have to guess the cost, I’ll guess it’s more than I want to pay.

    • Linda -

      Hi James, you can find out the costs of StartMeStick by simply clicking on the link to our online store here. The cost varies depending on the taxes in your region as well as the subscription model you choose. If you want a detailed cost sheet, send us an email at and we’ll email you the full costs of each subscription and model in the currencies of each country it’s available in.

  3. WilliamJ Shaw -

    My daughter has an old Windows laptop that she stored 1000s of photos on and music. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get into it to save her photos but can’t get past it just opening up. Is this something that may help me to get past the startup problems to get to her photos to save them to another device? Also I have a laptop that has slowed considerably since purchased. I use Fix Me Stick often and that helps as well as clearing browsing history, temp, %temp%, prefetch, and running other Windows tools which help but not to the level I would use it for much. Might this help with that too?

    • Linda -

      Hi William, if your daughter’s laptop can boot into StartMeStick, then you should be able to plug in another external hard drive and use StartMeStick to transfer these pictures from the computer to the external hard drive. If you run into issues with this process, feel free to email us at and one of our agents would be able to assist you with it.

      If your laptop is slow due to a slow operating system, then using StartMeStick for all your online activities should speed things up!

    • Charles Yanney -

      William have you tried going to ? Or just go to then click on my pictures. Sign in if your not already you can access them from any computer or Android phone.
      Windows all have Google installed and back up all your pictures there. Even though I’ve had a computer for years I just learned that a few years ago when I lost a bunch and called Microsoft. .
      Hope this helps you.

  4. Anonymous -

    Hi Linda,

    Do you have a video of the Start me stick? It would be great if you had a video showing what it does.

    I bought a fix me stick from QVC (UK) that I do not have to pay a yearly subcription for, do you have the same for the start me stick?

    Kind regards,


    • Linda -

      Hi Brian, thanks for your interest! You can view a video of StartMeStick here. We have similar deals for StartMeStick on QVC but they sell out quickly so be sure to stay tuned to the QVC channel or our emails to know when they will be on sale.

  5. Anonymous -

    Thanks Linda, for the information, will use it. Should there be questions, I’ll get back with you.

  6. Jose -

    What happens after, (you purchase for $69.99) the one year is over?
    Do we have to repay for another year?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Jose,

      After the 1st year you can choose to renew for $54.99. Let us know if you have any other questions!


  7. Dave Raphael -

    My wife has a laptop with windows 7 will start me stick allow her to use word and save the doc to her computer?
    Bye the way I love my fixmestick. I use it for my 4 laptops.

  8. Anonymous -

    Is the Startmestick the same as something I found on line called “Xtra PC”?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi there,

      The StartMeStick is similar. But the StartMeStick uses our proprietary technology for a seamless booting experience and makes any computer fast, secure, and private.


  9. Di -

    Hi Linda.
    I have both the fix me stick and start me stick and I appreciate the sense of security they bring. My computer which was old and slow met its doom during an April security update download. All my documents, downloads, music and pictures are gone. I can’t find a trace of my word office suite. I may have some bad spots on my disc drive. I’ve checked for hidden files but my computer still says it has the same amount of memory that it did the day before everything disappeared. I ran a fix me stick scans as well as a system mechanic scan that day before and no viruses or malware was found.
    The laptop will power up and run chrome

    I have two questions
    I’m pleased to know I can use the start up stick even if there is an undetectable virus. The consensus is it’s a bad drive, but one never knows.
    While I’m waiting for my new computer
    Question 1
    Do you think it might be possible to find and retrieve my music? I’m not sure if Williams daughters laptop situation is similar enough to mine.

    ***Question 2
    a)Could I run google docs with my start me stick and
    b) save it onto a USB memory stick?

    I have 2 ports available, one to run the start me stick and one to use for the memory stick.

    I don’t really understand how computers work. I just know how to do what I want and trust the computer will process and save and transfer and do what it’s supposed to.
    Thanks so much for supporting such critical programs. Is the correct term operating systems?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi there,

      Happy you like the FixMeStick and StartMeStick.

      For Question 1 – it may be possible to see the files using the StartMeStick and then copy them to an external drive. It’s hard to say without more info.

      For Question 2 – yes! You can also save it to Google Drive which is accessible from any computer!

      Let us know if you need any help with the above.


  10. John Coughlan -

    I purchased a FixMeStick with a lifetime subscription from QVC/uk. I have used it on two Vista laptops, with good results. Now that Vista is unsupported, and one of the laptops has succumbed to a very hard argument with a tiled floor; is there any way I can reset the stick to work with a replacement on Windows 10?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi John,

      Please send us an email to with the serial number from the side of your FixMeStick, starting with FMS, so we can look into this for you.


    • Charles Yanney -

      John I have the same Fix Me Stick purchased from the same place.
      If you find it in Programs downloads where ever it’s saved at, click on My Account at the top you should see where the license is good for 3 computers. I used mine on my Dell Optiplex 980, then bought a Dell Optiplex 7020 both with Windows 7 Pro. Then last year I installed Windows 10 Pro and it works fine and shows this is 2 of 3 computers. Hope thus helps you.

  11. George -

    My startmestick is not loading properly and has not been for a while now.
    I can’t even get it to run a factory rest even when I boot it from the bios and when I try to boot it normally it will not load the updates, it starts to run the updates then before it finishes the start up screen goes blank!
    Even tried booting it from the bios to see if I can get it to run a factory reset but it does not load the start-up screen and goes straight into the home screen page.
    I am running the latest version of windows10 on a dell inspiron 15/5000 series model 5567 with SSD drive, startmestick No:SMSAA01508

  12. GREG LOHR -

    It says we can use on unlimited computers, and we have several in our home. Do you send more than one stick? If not, then I can only use it on one computer at a time, therefore, unlimited means any computer it is plugged into, correct? If we want an additional stick, is there a discount, or is it the same price for each stick?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Greg,

      You can run the StartMeStick on unlimited number of computers. You can only use it on one computer at a time. If you would like a second StartMeStick please send us an email to and we’ll see what we can do.


  13. Dorothy Crouch -

    I am told the hard drive is bad on my computer. Computer will turn on but won’t boot up. Will the start me stick let me use my computer again?

  14. George Sikora -

    will start me stick replace system mechanic

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi George,

      No, they are separate. System Mechanic is a software that optimizes your computer by removing clutter. The StartMeStick is a plug and play device that turns any computer into a fast, secure, and private one.


  15. John Stack -

    Over a year ago I switched from an iMac to an iMac PRO.
    I bought a FixMe Stick but it did not work on the iMac PRO.
    Tried it on my iMac before getting rid of it and it worked just fine on the iMac.
    When I e-mailed you concerning the problem, you replied that FixMe stick was’nt
    compatible with iMac PRO.
    Is it possible now to upgrade the fixMe stick that would finaly work.
    Right now I’m stuck with it, having paid for it, I would like to use it.
    Thank you for your help,
    John Stack

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi John,

      We currently support Intel Based Macs from 2006 to 2017. 2018 and later systems are not yet compatible. We’ll be sure to let you know when we become compatible with newer models – our team is working on it. If you’d like we’re happy to extend your subscription for free while you can’t use it. Just send us an email to with the serial number from the side of your FixMeStick.


  16. Don -

    Is there a monthly or yearly charge for this device

    • Linda -

      Hi Don, we give you the option of a 1-month trial or a yearly subscription. After which you can choose between a monthly charge or a yearly charge. You can find out the costs by clicking on the link to our online store here. The cost varies depending on the taxes in your region as well as the subscription model you choose.

  17. Henry Negron -

    i recently purchase a fixmestick and had to return it because the tech said ” that my computer was not compatible with the stick. he mention something about octane. i have an Dell xps 13 computer. was looking forward to using the stick. the stick was not able to scan my files. purchase at QVC

    • Linda -

      Hi Henry, thanks for your feedback and sorry to see that FixMeStick was not able to work on your Optane hard drive. This occasionally happens due to the way these new hard drives are designed. But we encourage you to give our newest product – the StartMeStick – a try since it does not need to read your hard drive so any issues with Optane would not occur. And as usual, we have a satisfaction guarantee so you would be able to receive a refund on FixMeStick or StartMeStick if needed.

  18. Sabra Armijo -

    Hi! I have been using FixMe Stick for years on my Windows laptops. I am planning on getting the StartMe Stick to speed things up. My husband has a Chromebook and wants to know if these work with that platform?

    Thanks, Sabra

    • Linda -

      Hi Sabra, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately the current version of FixMeStick and StartMeStick are not designed to run on ChromeOS (Chromebooks). Presently, the FixMeStick and StartMeStick are optimized for use on both PC and Mac computers.

  19. Trish -

    I have a Lifetime 3 PC lic for my FixMeStick… I never buy yearly subscriptions. Please let us know when you will offer lifetime lic for StartMeStick.

  20. Susan -

    Will I be able to access my existing bookmarks (when using StartMeStick)? And to bookmark new sites if I find ones I want to keep?

  21. Rupert -

    Do I still need to have both fix me stick and start fix me stick

    • Linda -

      Hi Rupert, thanks for your interest! While the FixMeStick can be used to run antivirus scans that keep your computer malware-free, the StartMeStick can be used to temporarily replace your regular Operating System (like Windows or MacOS) with a fast, secure, and private one for everything you do online. Since they have different functions, you may need one or both depending on the state of your computer.

      The StartMeStick resets to factory settings each time you use it, which means any malware or web tracking accumulated during your online session will be deleted, and your normal Operating System will not be affected.

      Our customers have found the StartMeStick particularly useful for prolonging the life of computers whose Operating Systems are outdated, no longer supported, or not working, and for providing a secure environment for browsing the internet. In combination, the FixMeStick and the StartMeStick form a powerful and comprehensive security suite.

      You can learn more about the StartMeStick by checking out our FAQ article.

  22. Gary -

    I returned my SMS after recently purchasing. While the Stick was fast when working in Chrome (great for emails and being on the web), had issue that l could not open other programs on hard drive to work in parallel to the web. I was told l needed an external hard drive to put the programs on there. More cost and set up. Not the desired effect for use of this Stick. A partition if possible might help to work in the same environment.

    • Linda -

      Hi Gary, thank you for trying StartMeStick and for leaving us feedback on why it does not work for you. We appreciate all feedback so we can continue to work on and improve the StartMeStick.

  23. Richard -

    I purchased Startme Stick to use when corresponding with my bank. Unfortunately the bank wants an access number and StartMeStick wants leters so it was no use to me.

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      Do you mind clarifying where you’re running into the issue? While using the StartMeStick you should be able to use both letters and numbers while typing. If you continue to run in the same issue, I would suggest reaching out to us at where we can take a closer look into the issue!

  24. Esther Karschner -

    I purchased the Fix it stick for supposedly $9.99. and my card was charged $60.00 some dollars which I would not of purchased initially. I am 87years old and on a low fixed income and do not have thefinds to pay the $60 some dollars. Please refund my $60 some dollars and cancel any future charges

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Esther,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      It seems as though there may have been a mix up with your purchase! You were likely looking for the 30 day trial, but may have selected the yearly subscription by mistake.

      I’ve sent a follow up email where we can communicate further! Let us know if you have any questions

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