Special Q&A With the FixMeStick Founders

It’s been 10 years since we launched the FixMeStick, and a lot has happened since then! From our two appearances on Dragons’ Den and launching our new product, the StartMeStick, we truly have a lot to be thankful for.

We’d like to take some time to not only thank our customers for showing their support after all these years but also our founders, Corey Velan and Marty Algire. They have made it their goal to help protect the computers of the world! And what better way to celebrate FixMeStick’s 10-year anniversary, than by picking the brains of the FixMeStick head honchos with a Q&A!

An image of Corey and Marty, the founders of FixMeStick Technologies Inc.
Corey and Marty back in 2017 – nothing has changed since then!

Where are both of you from, and how did you meet?

Corey: I was born and raised right here, in Montreal, Quebec!

Marty: I grew up in a rural town in eastern Ontario, but decided to move out to Montreal for school.

I hired Corey as an intern in 1999 at a Montreal Internet security startup called Zero-Knowledge Systems. We’ve been working more or less within 12 feet of each other ever since, with the exception of the current work-from-home orders.

What were you doing before you started FixMeStick?

Marty: We both founded FixMeStick in 2011! Corey studied at Queen’s and Stanford, and was previously Director of Development and Lead Architect at Radialpoint, provider of consumer security solutions to very large ISPs. 

I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biosystems Engineering from McGill University, and was a founding team member of the pioneering Internet privacy company Zero-Knowledge and Vice-President of Products and Engineering at Radialpoint.

What prompted the decision to start FixMeStick?

Corey: We’d spent our careers in Internet endpoint security, and at our last company we saw every day how malware was consistently beating anti-malware and how stranded that leaves people. So we set out to build a solution to remove malware from infected computers. 

The principles underlying the FixMeStick are tried and true, and are no surprise to anyone in Internet security. The engineering challenge would be to get the principles to work on a mass scale for non-engineers, i.e. regular computer users, not IT professionals. 

One of our commercials! Fighting the viruses of the world doesn’t always have to be a complex job.

What was it like when you first started FixMeStick?

Corey: Early in the first year of our startup journey we actually became disenchanted with the FixMeStick, and ditched the concept for several weeks. We were concerned that as an investment we were too outside of what was popular within the startup and venture-capital community (mobile, social, cloud).

During this period we constantly had to explain to friends and family, and other random people we would meet out and about, what we were “starting up.”

So we told our story and about how great startups are and how exciting it was to be in the ideation phase. We would list some of our newest “investment candidates” and also some of the ideas that we had decided NOT to do, i.e. the FixMeStick.

9 times out of 10 IF the person was NOT an industry insider, they would cut us off with “I love that FixMeStick idea, I need one of those”.

What prompted the decision to appear on Dragons’ Den? And what was that experience like?

Marty: Our appearance on Dragons’ Den was instrumental to our growth. We were nervous to go on Dragons’ Den, and we share some of the stereotypes typical of many software engineers, i.e. we’re not natural promoters or marketers – but going on Dragons’ Den very much proved to us that if we don’t build awareness for our products no one will. 

FixMeTip: We appeared on Dragons’ Den not once, but twice! Our most recent appearance with the Dragons was definitely one for the books. You can read up on it here!

As time has gone by, have your goals with FixMeStick changed at all?

Corey: Sure they have. When we started the company our primary goal was to survive. We’re 10 years old now and clearly survived the tenuous start-up phase. We’re now more focused on building an environment and team that will deliver on each of our customer promises, and in doing so can realize their 10-year goals.

We’ve definitely come a long way over the past 10 years. While the FixMeStick is still the world’s leading virus-removal device, we’ve since introduced the StartMeStick as well! At the end of the day, we’ve only managed to get so far because of our awesome customers. We can’t thank YOU enough!

How long have you been with FixMeStick for? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Maudell Smith -

    since it’s your birthday I was always told the one with the birthday brings the cake, so since I don’t need a cake can I have a free FixMeStick?

  2. Benjamin Kellyman -

    I have been using FixMeStick for many years and I love it. My only disappointment is the waiting time to have it start running. Most of the time I have to remove it and start over to get it worked. However, it is the best device to really cleanup my computer and have it running very well. Thanks to the members of FisMeStick. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!

  3. Frank -

    I’ve had the stick for a few years now, but only once was I able to get it going.

  4. Rene L Jansen -

    Well happy birthday, I have one of your original fix-me-stick which no longer works. If I send it to you, can you fix it?

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Rene,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      Unfortunately we do not accept mail in returns to troubleshoot the sticks. However, if you’re still running into issues getting the FixMeStick to work, you can always reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com where one of our agents can take a look into the issue for you.

  5. Elmer Derks -

    I have had a FixMeStick since 05/29/2017. At that time I had a Windows Pc, but now I have a iMac PC. My FixMeStick will not run on my Mac and was told it it is not compatible with the current system that I have. So now I have a FixMeStick that I CANNOT run. Will I ever be able to run it on my Mac PC.

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Elmer,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      Unfortunately the FixMeStick only works on Intel-Based Macs from 2006 to 2017. 2018 and later systems are not yet compatible, as they have a T2 security chip which prevents non-Apple products from launching.

      While we are working on releasing an update to solve this issue, unfortunately we do not have a clear timeline as to when the update will be released.

      We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you run into any questions, please feel free to let us know!

  6. Annie -

    I have had my fix me stick for a few years, and it’s always a hassle to get it to work I’ve only been able to run a scan maybe seven or eight times

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Annie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into issues getting the FixMeStick up and running. If you’d like, you can reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com where one of our support agents can lend a hand with any issue you have!

  7. John Ward -

    I’ve had it for about 6 years and use it on my pc & laptop regularly. It is super simple and does a great job.

  8. Karl B. Kuempel -

    To the FixMeStick crew,
    Thank you for having done a good job with your product for MS-Windows and being as supportive as you are with your team and customers. I have multiple sticks for my multiple systems running on different versions of windows. I am very satisfied and would have no problems recommending your company and your FixMeStick product. I have an IT background/education and go back to the windows 3.1 and 3.11 world and worked in software development as well as customer support. Thumbs up to you and your team.

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Karl

      Thanks for being a FixMeStick customer! We really appreciate your positive feedback.

      If you require any assistance launching a FixMeStick scan, please feel free to reach out and let us know!

      Have a great day 🙂

  9. Sharon Smith -

    Happy Birthday! What a great success story! I love the Fix Me Stick. My ONLY problem is that I wish it would shut my computer down when it’s done doing it’s thing. I could always “finish” what has to be done when I turn it back on again! Thanks!!!

  10. Terrie D Nelson -

    Hello, I have HP All n One, I brought last year. I tried to use my Fix Me Stick. I didn’t get any result. Pleas advise.
    Thank you.

    • Jonathan -

      Hi Terrie,

      Thank you for reaching out to us!

      We’ve run into some issues with HP All in Ones in the past, typically because of their boot configurations. No need to worry, it’s usually a pretty quick fix!

      If you’d like a hand in troubleshooting the issue, you can reach out to us at support@fixmestick.com where one of our support agents can take a look into the issue.

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