Shopping On Amazon For Cyber Week? Read This!

If you guessed a data breach has finally affected Amazon you’d be right. If you’ve shopped on Amazon recently you should keep reading. 

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Amazon was quick to deny there was a data leak on their platform, instead classifying this as a “technical error.” Below is the email notification affected customers received:

Forbes reported the above information. Since the Amazon email signed off with a http link (and not https) to the massive retailer’s site, the people who received this message wondered if they were being phished.

Though Amazon denies this was a “data breach,” the consequences are the same. People’s information was exposed. We wonder if Firefox’s new feature FireFox Monitor will flag the site. The only difference between this and a full on data breach is that Amazon released less information about how many customers were affected, what information was at large, and how long their system was exposed.

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