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Is your computer slow to boot? Maybe it doesn’t start up at all? Does everything take longer than it used to?

Worried that you’ve been hacked and it might be cheaper to just start over with a new one?

Don’t fall for it. We were brought up to take care of our things, not just throw out and buy again.

Computer hardware doesn’t wear out and doesn’t slow down.

Your computer is slow or broken because of the operating system: Microsoft Windows, the billion dollar money machine built by Bill Gates that requires you to keep buying new computers and new versions of Windows over and over again. Genius indeed.

Think about it. Have you ever looked inside a computer? Here’s a picture of what it looks like. What in here is possibly going to wear out?

It’s just a series of components with electrons racing around.

Do electrons slow down over time? The laws of physics say OF COURSE NOT.

Do these little circuits wear out? No.

Is it susceptible to rust, dust, heat, cold, damp? No, not any more than the electrical circuits in your house, and how often do those get replaced? Every 50 years? Every 100 years?

Unless there is smoke coming out of your computer, or the power button won’t even light up…

Your computer is still good and fast on the physical level, you just need an operating system that doesn’t slow down or wear out.

Wait a minute” you say, “I’m not an IT manager. I don’t want to install a new system on my computer. That could take me a long time, with a lot of painful troubleshooting along the way. And what if the new system is no faster than my old one? Who has time for that?

StartMeStick™ is the perfect tool for you.

The StartMeStick is a computer operating system on a stick.

You just plug it in to your current computer, re-start your computer, and it will start up the system on the stick instead of your Windows (or, MacOS if your computer is a Mac).

Take the StartMeStick out and re-start again and your computer goes back to the way it was.

It’s a thing of beauty! It’s 1-2-3:

  1. Plug the StartMeStick™ in and do whatever you like online.
  2. Pull it out and your computer goes back to the way it was.
  3. The StartMeStick never slows down because it doesn’t save anything; it doesn’t collect the junk that causes frustrating errors, crashes, freezes, and slowdowns.

What about your programs? Are you going to have to learn Windows or something new all over again?

No. The StartMeStick is focused on doing one thing extremely well: Internet browsing.

If you can use a web browser you can use the StartMeStick. And, everything you do online you can do with the StartMeStick: Facebook, shopping, social networks, search, email, video, music, games, business apps.

If you do it in a browser, you can do it in the browser on the StartMeStick.

What else do you do on your computer these days other than what’s done through your browser?

The StartMeStick is a slimmed down, locked down, Internet browsing machine that will save you from wasting your perfectly good computer.

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By definition, you cannot lose here.

We ensure every single customer is satisfied and offer Canadian based customer support to help you out.

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  1. Jean Olsen -

    Will it still work with windows 7 as I never up graded to windows 10.

    • Linda -

      Hi Jean, Yes! StartMeStick will work on Windows 7 computers/

    • Linda -

      Hi Lloyd, after 2 years your StartMeStick will simply expire. However, if you are signed up for automatic renewals then it will continue to work and you will just have to pay a yearly subscription fee for it.

      • Wayne -

        Is antivirus software part of it and is it safe and secure? Can you run any of the software already on your old computer.

        • Linda -

          Hi Wayne, when you go online with StartMeStick, you do not have to worry about getting viruses as any viruses that may have been downloaded onto the StartMeStick will be automatically erased after you boot out of your StartMeStick session. This is also why StartMeStick doesn’t have an antivirus program.

          You will not be able to access any software installed on the host computer if you use StartMeStick on it. The point of StartMeStick is so that the host computer can stay unchanged and protected the entire time you go online with StartMeStick.

  2. Al Sigurdson -

    If I had this stick, and I used it on my computer would I be able to plug it into another different computer and use it also? (obviously not at the same time) What operating system would I need on my existing slow computer(s)? Windows XP? 10? Is your stick comparable to what Windows system on startup?

    • Linda -

      Hi Al, you can use the StartMeStick on an unlimited number of computers (but not at the same time). It will work on slow computers including Windows XP and Windows 10, but it runs on the Linux operating system instead of the Windows operating system.

  3. Anonymous -

    What about windows 7? Do I need a new computer because mine is out of date? Since January nothing works, no emails since Nov, 2019. Does start me stick correct any of these things?

    • Linda -

      Hi there. StartMeStick will work on Windows 7 computers and will continue to work on Windows 7 computer even now that Microsoft has stopped updating Windows 7. I’m not sure why you don’t receive emails on it, but StartMeStick provides you with an internet browser that you can use to login to your email account to view your emails.

  4. Brenda -

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks due to your advance notice, I bought the StartMeStick from TSC on Saturday — I missed out last time. Have not yet received item but I hope it’s as easy as the hosts say it is.
    From a computer-dummy senior,
    Brenda Wong

    • Linda -

      Hi Brenda, thanks for reading our blog and newsletters! Hope you will receive your StartMeStick soon and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  5. Josie Wandzura -

    After installing the Start me fix would I be able to download the Adobe Lightroom app to work on photos. Would I be able to import new phots from my apple phone.

    • Linda -

      Hi Josie, the StartMeStick is not a permanent application that stays on your computer. Everything you download during your StartMeStick session will be erased after you shut down from that session (but you can still email any files or pictures to yourself or transfer them onto an external harddrive if you wish to keep them). The StartMeStick is built on top of a Linux operating system. So any applications you wish to install on it needs to be an Linux application.

    • Bob -

      Nothing comes on the screen at all just blank will this start the computer up

      • Linda -

        Hi Bob, as long as you are able to turn the computer on and if none of the hardware like the screen is damaged – even if it turns to a blank/blue/white/black screen, the StartMeStick should be able to give the computer a second life!

    • Linda -

      Hi there, the FixMeStick and StartMeStick does two different functions. While you’d use a FixMeStick to clean an infected computer of malware, you would use a StartMeStick when you want to turn any computer (whether it’s infected or not) into a fast, private, and secure one for browsing the Internet. It’s up to you to decide if you need one or both.

  6. gordon knox -

    have had Fix Me Stick for a couple of years now, it’s great, but not a Costco member and have do desire to be, so no Start Me Stick i guess ??

    • Linda -

      Hi Gordon, you actually do not need to be a Costco member to place orders on Costco’s website!

  7. Jim Seager -

    This is very frustrating. I just ordered a startmestick from your website because I couldn’t find one on the shelf around here. I took the trial option because the subscription price is so high and I don’t even know yet if it be of help to me.
    I am a long time user of the Fixmestick so I wanted to give this a try. Now I have a paid for unit on route in the mail somewhere and can’t take advantage of the 2 yr deal at Costco. I never even thought about it even being at Costco.
    Guess I’m screwed again.

    • Linda -

      Hi Jim, we have a refund policy of 45 days for purchases made on our website so if you do end up getting the Costco version, we’ll be glad to refund you. Simply leave us a note using this link here and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

  8. Gary Gaudry -

    Tried stick 2 times , show lots of bugs , after cleaning , could not use password as it would not let me type in password .

    • Linda -

      Hi Gary, to better assist you with troubleshooting this issue we’ve sent you an email. Please check your email, thanks!

  9. Anonymous -

    After being out of the country for several months and having my computer unplugged, it now will not even start up. All the lights work but no go. Will the StartMeStick fix this problem and, second, does using it allow me access to files etc that are already on my computer?

    • Linda -

      Hi there, the StartMeStick can give a second life to your computer only if you can turn it on. If your computer does not turn on due to issues unrelated to the software (like hardware issues), then StartMeStick cannot fix this problem.

      And yes, you can access files that are already on the host computer via StartMeStick but only in read-only format.

  10. Bruce -

    Tell anonymous that if uses Telus that he probably has to go to telus inbox to delete all the e-mail messages to free up space on his computer. I did not know you had to do that and I had over 13,000 e-mails to delete to get my e-mail running again.
    I now go into telus e-mail every week to delete old e-mails that are there.

  11. Jeanette -

    Hi Linda,
    Too bad this was not around earlier – I go rid of two good computers because they were running slow. I have a fix me stick for life and always scan for virsus – I bought two new computers and have on I kept. Not sure if I should buy this. Have been following all the news letters you send out. Is it worth having this stick now?

    • Linda -

      Hi Jeanette, the StartMeStick serves multiple functions. You can use it to give a second life to slow computers, or you can use it to add a layer of privacy to any computer as well as protect it from other users like children who may delete important files by mistake. For more ideas on what you can do with StartMeStick, check out our blog for 10 things you can do with StartMeStick.

  12. van jones -


    • Linda -

      Hi Van, the StartMeStick and FixMeStick are designed to do two different things. While you’d use a FixMeStick to clean an infected computer of malware, you would use a StartMeStick when you want to turn any computer (whether it’s infected or not) into a fast, private, and secure one for browsing the Internet. For more details, please check out our FAQ page.

  13. Dan -

    That little stick put into a bubble wrap envelope and shipped.Cost $2.50 max. if more explain to me why Thank you

    • Linda -

      Hi Dan, the shipping cost listed on this blog is the one from TSC (The Shopping Channel). When we sell our products through another vendor like TSC, we have no control over the shipping costs. But if you order directly from our own FixMeStick|StartMeStick online store, we actually offer free shipping!

  14. Anonymous -

    After the initial 2 year period, what is the annual cost to renew?

    • Linda -

      Hi there, if you renew your StartMeStick before the 2-year subscription ends, it will cost CAD$64.99 + TAX to renew it for another year. Otherwise, it will cost CAD $74.99 + TAX to renew it for another year.

    • Linda -

      Hi there, if the hacker hacked into your WindowsOS or MacOS, then the StartMeStick should work since it can boot up before your native operating system starts!

  15. Ronald -

    I have a computer running Windows 7 pro. Will the start me stick fix a mbr that has been corrupted. I have a copy of the win 7 dvd.

    • Linda -

      Hi Ronald, the StartMeStick is not designed to fix anything on your computer. But it should boot up on this computer with the corrupted MBR. If it doesn’t work for any reason, we have a generous refund policy and you can definitely return the StartMeStick within 45 days!

  16. Steve -

    Hi Linda, I have YTD video downloader pro can I still use it and download videos from YouTube

    • Linda -

      Hi Steve, the StartMeStick runs on Linux Debian. Since it’s a Linux-based system, you’ll have to find the Linux version of the YTD video downloader to use it on StartMeStick.

  17. cliff veller -

    So you said about Bill Gates but after two years you still have to pay just like Bill Gates how muchdoes it cost after two years

    • Linda -

      Hi Cliff, if you renew your StartMeStick before the 2-year subscription ends, it will cost CAD$64.99 + TAX to renew it for another year. Otherwise, it will cost CAD $74.99 + TAX to renew it for another year. When you pay for the yearly subscription, not only are you getting all the latest software updates, you also have access to free support from us six days a week! This is designed so you can replace your computer less often – as it will cost more to purchase a new computer than a StartMeStick subscription. Click here to learn more about software subscription models.

  18. Michael -

    How come we can’t get a two year deal from you just like Costco?

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