Safe Summer Streaming For All The Must-See Events

With the Royal Wedding, FIFA World Cup, and numerous international music festivals coming up this summer, we’re going to want to tune in and experience the action, often streaming it online. But what are the risks of online streaming, and where can you look to find safe, legal content? Keep reading so you can watch everything you want this summer securely.

Here are some basic tips for online streaming:

  • Stick to official websites – you should never need to enter your credit card or bank information to stream. This could be a typo-squatting website or simply an illegitimate streaming website that will ultimately infect you with malware. Check out these streaming sites: 
  • Check your paid services – some satellite television providers have free live streaming as part of their service.
  • Connect to  a secure network – ensure that you’re connecting to a secured WiFi network. This is extremely important, otherwise you’ll be exposing yourself to malicious hotspots that hackers love to take advantage of. Click here to learn more about how to use a WiFi hotspot securely.
  • Avoid temptation – think twice before getting involved with illegitimate, free streaming sites. Not only are you exposing yourself to a high-traffic malware hotbed with a bombardment of malicious pop up ads, but you’re also putting yourself at risk of prosecution by viewing illegally streamed content.

How to stay protected:

  • Use an adblocker – Click here to find out which adblocker is right for your browser!
  • Reset your browser – Click here to learn how to clear cookies and reset your browser!
  • Use a reputable browser –  Click here for more information about the importance of a safe browser and how to download Google Chrome.
  • Use a VPN – Click here to learn how a Virtual Private Network will help you stay safe online.
  • Have your antivirus running – Mcafee provides a firewall while you’re streaming online, instantly notifying you of a malware attack. Click here to get your McAfee Total Protection today!
  • Scan your computer – Run a FixMeStick scan before and after streaming online to ensure your system is risk-free and safe from all potential threats!
  • For more tips on safe online-streaming, click here!

Now you can go watch all of summer’s must-see events without compromising your computer’s security.