Reduce, reuse, recycle your electronics!

FixMeStick is designed to help people save computers they once thought lost and while we regularly resurrect computers some are beyond repair. Hardware problems and Windows wear and tear can prevent even the world’s best virus remover from resolving the issue. Thank goodness for the holidays! The gift giving season and all the year end deals are the perfect opportunity to replace these aging dinosaurs with some new technology. But what to do with those Windows 98 PCs taking up prime real estate in the basement? Here’s some ideas to look into as we look forward to spring cleaning. We’re taking the classic “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” approach.


We take it you’re one step ahead of us here. If you’re eliminating those huge hulking PCs of the early millennium you’re doing your part. Computers have shrunk a great deal since their inception and the new PCs and tablets are taking up less and less space on the shelves. Trade in that once-bright-white-and-now-strangely-cream-coloured for a brand spanking new one.

People are increasingly downsizing their devices, smartphones and tablets are more and more powerful and as a result people need fewer devices.


computer fish tank]You wouldn’t believe the incredible things that people have built from old electronics: everything from jewelry and Halloween costumes to cat toys and wall clocks. One of our favourite DIY projects took an old TV and turned it into a fish tank, what a conversation piece.

Another great way to give your old electronics a new life is donation. School programs and community centres are often looking for older computers that people are no longer using. You may not need that TV you’ve had kicking around the basement for years but why not give it to a class full of curious kids eager to take it apart and figure out how it all works.


There are some pieces that you simply can’t reuse and not everyone has space for computer fish tanks. This is where recycling programs come in. There are many options to choose from depending on your location and the type of product you are using. A quick google search will show you results within your area, it could be anything from a dump with an electronic waste section to a second hand store.

But did you know that lots of companies will recycle their own used electronics? Apple will take back old Macbooks and iMacs and even send you a shipping label so that you don’t have to pay a cent. Best Buy and Staples will accept electronics of just about any kind: video cords, DVD players, TVs, monitors, even weird stuff like curling irons and robot vacuums! They even take old batteries which are often thrown out without a second thought and can cause great damage in landfills.  

So why not start 2016 with a fresh and clean start and follow these 3 easy steps to getting rid of old electronics safely?