Ransomware Is On The Rise – You Need This Tool To Protect Your Memories

Ransomware is becoming more and more prevalent and dangerous. McAfee’s Threat Report mentions that ransomware is up 59% in the last year. Often customers ask us how FixMeStick can help with ransomware. Unfortunately, while FixMeStick does remove the actual ransomware virus, any files that have been tampered with are usually lost forever. However, we’ve partnered with Picture Keeper to solve that issue. Keep reading to learn why Picture Keeper is a must have tool to protect your files from viruses and keep your special memories safe. 

Picture Keeper is a simple solution for backing up your pictures, videos, and contacts that are stored on your smartphone, tablet, and computer so you can protect your memories and free up space to make your device run faster. Get 50% off with code FMSPK50 to try it today!

​​​​Who is Picture Keeper for?

Picture Keeper is the ideal backup solution for people from all walks of life, from avid photographers, parents, and grandparents to entrepreneurs, lawyers, and business professionals. Small enough to store in a desk, a briefcase, or a safety deposit box, Picture Keeper keeps your important files and memories safe without any hassles, making it the perfect backup system.


Donna says “Best picture organizer and storing feature I have ever had. I never worry about loosing my phone or replacing my phone due to damage because I always have my pics on the Picture Keeper. Very easy to use and it picks up where you left off so no duplicate pictures.”

How is Picture Keeper different from a normal USB flash drive? 

– Device compatibility – Picture Keeper is compatible with your mobile device, be it iPhone or Android as well as Mac and PC, so now matter where your photos are they can be backed up.

– Saves directly from Facebook – so many of us rely on Facebook to save and share our photos. But what if someone deletes their Facebook account and you lose all the photos you were tagged in? This doesn’t have to happen to you if you get Picture Keeper. It can automatically save them so you never lose a memory. Once they’re saved, you choose what to do with them:

– Backup Technology – ever forget what photos you have on a USB or which ones you haven’t? With Picture Keeper you will never have this problem. Our software will never add duplicates, it remembers where you left off in a backup. It even knows when you switch between devices, so duplicates are never a problem.

– Save more than picture memories – with Picture Keeper you can easily save photos, videos and contacts all at once. It’s never been so easy to save the important people and memories in your life in one place.

Nancy says she “love love loves it! I just purchased my second Picture Keeper. There is no easier way to store previous memories and pictures from my phone!”

No more stressing about losing your precious memories. With Picture Keeper all your photos are backedup easily so you’ll never lose a favourite memory again!

Great creative with Picture Keeper! Want a fun way to remember your recent family vacation? With Picture Keeper you can save these images, and then turn those memories into lasting prints, photobooks, phone cases and more, all in minutes! Your regular USB definitely doesn’t come with a personalized design team and print store.

Picture Keeper is always developing new ideas to make protecting your memories, quick and easy, but also fun! We partnered with them so our customers never have to worry about losing an important memory again. We invite you to give it a try for 50% off with code FMSPK50 and see for yourself why this is the only way to save photos! Try it today. 


  1. Ginette Bertrand -

    I am interested in getting a Picture Keeper, however the one you promote at the price of $119.99 seems to be only for IPhone &IPad. I have an HP desktop computer, a Toshiba laptop and just got a Samsung tablet as a gift.

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