Protecting The US Midterm Elections

With the US Midterm Elections coming up, how do we protect them? At the Aspen Security Forum, Microsoft said they already identified and foiled attempts to hack the midterm elections. Read on to see who this affects.

Tom Burt, VP of Customer Security and Trust, confirmed that the hackers had purchased a phony Microsoft domain to attract traffic and launch phishing attacks. These attacks were directed at three candidates running for Congress, though none of their staffers fell for them.

Hackers have been targeting midterm campaigns. Burt said private companies should continue to be vigilant. This also applies to citizens.

What can you do?

  1. Beware of typosquatting and don’t click on any unfamiliar links in campaign emails. Make sure you’re practicing good cyber etiquette.
  2. Install an up-do-date antivirus program like McAfee Total Protection. McAfee protects your phone, tablet, and computer with anti-spam and encryption. Try it for less here.
  3. Run a FixMeStick scan. Did you visit a fishy domain? Or accidentally click on an emailed link? FixMeStick will wipe the malware that crept onto your computer.