Are You Taking the Necessary Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Privacy Online?

Each year data breaches continue to spread and pop up in places we’d never expect, effectively exposing information to anyone who wants to look. Whether it be government records, grocery store chains, or simply an individual’s consumer habits, all of us are affected by having our data exposed.

No one wants to unintentionally put their personal data at risk, so we have tips you can use to maximize your privacy – making sure you keep your personal data safe, secure, and for your eyes only.

Security on a computer screen with a cursor about to click on it.

Why is Data Privacy so Important?

In this modern age, most people will spend at least some portion of their day on the Internet, though most won’t know how their information is being used, collected, and shared by companies. Whether you use the Internet for work, online shopping, social media, or even searching for a nearby restaurant, all this information is being collected and used to build an online profile about your browsing habits

Essentially, it all boils down to how you spend your time online – most websites these days use cookies to track your online presence, and most apps are able to store and relay the personal information that they’re provided. This shouldn’t be a cause for you to stop going on the Internet altogether, but rather to learn about the various ways in which you can protect your data, and keep your information private. 

Want to know if a website you use has had a data breach? You can enter your email address on this handy website, to see which of your accounts have been breached! See a breach? Change your password or delete your account if you no longer need it!

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Data To Yourself

Knowing about data privacy is one thing, but learning how to secure yourself is another. While there are routes you can take to completely secure yourself, education is the best course of action in terms of protection.

While You May Value Your Personal Information, Corporations Value It Even More

Data is pretty much its own commodity nowadays. Corporations will often sell and exchange the data they receive from you! It’s always important to keep in mind who is collecting your data and how they’re collecting it. Deleting unused apps, reviewing app permissions, and reviewing privacy policies are great ways to know exactly what, and with whom you’re sharing your data.

Here’s an example of a popular face-changing application that may be a danger to your privacy.

Sharing is Great, Until It Isn’t

Sharing posts online is a great way to stay connected, but it could also reveal more than you’d like. Old social media posts are always able to come back to haunt you, and sometimes the information you share may be used by others. Take into account what you’re posting, and think about how it may be perceived.

If you’re worried about what people can see online, you can always update your privacy settings – here’s how to do it for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

A girl using NordVPN on their mobile device.
NordVPN is our top pick for a virtual private network.

Take Control Over How You’re Being Tracked Online by Using a Virtual Private Network

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are one of the best ways to ensure your personal data stays safe and secure, they allow you to remain relatively hidden from other parties. VPN providers, like NordVPN, help keep your data private by creating an alternate IP address which will encrypt your data, effectively making it unreadable to anyone who comes across it.

Typically while online, everything you do will pass through your Internet service provider’s servers, allowing them to view and record your online activity, including your browsing history. VPN’s are a great solution to hiding your data and keeping your information to yourself.

We suggest using NordVPN for your security needs, and you can even receive a discount if you purchase through our website.

Try Using the StartMeStick for a Portable, Private, and Fast Online Experience

Whether you’re on the go or at home, you’re going to want a way to safely browse the Internet without the worry of being tracked. In this case, the StartMeStick is the best option for bringing privacy wherever you go. 

The StartMeStick plugged into a computer.

The StartMeStick gives you a fresh browsing experience every time you use it. Once plugged in, the StartMeStick will temporarily replace your operating system with a fast, secure, and private one. The StartMeStick resets to factory settings after each use, so your browsing activities are effectively wiped clean.

Once you pull it out, the computer goes back to how it was before – with no record of what you had done online. In addition to being a private operating system, the StartMeStick is faster and more efficient than your typical operating system, as it does away with all the junk and files from previous uses.

You can read more about the StartMeSick here, and determine whether or not the StartMeStick is right for you here.

It’s always a great time to make sure you’re doing all you can to ensure you’re on top of securing your information. Let us know what kind of precautions you’re taking in terms of privacy in the comments below!