Amazon Prime Day 2021: What You Need to Know

Amazon’s Prime Day starts on June 21st this year – unlike last year, we don’t have to wait until October to get some of the best deals on your favourite products. With millions of products being sold during this brief period, Prime Day is easily one of the biggest sales of the year! However, with the growing popularity of Prime Day and online shopping, online hackers and scammers are still ready to take advantage of this increase in web traffic. Keep reading to keep yourself protected!

We want to make sure you stay safe while snagging the best deals, so today we’re sharing some products that will help you stay safe online while you shop with tips on how to stay away from online scams.

An image of the Amazon app on an phone. You can also snag Amazon Prime Day deals on the mobile app.

History of Prime Day

Go back 15 years and you would’ve never heard of Prime Day. That’s because the event was created 10 years ago by the online retail giant, Amazon. In recent years, other retailers have hopped onto the trend by holding their own sales at the same time as Amazon’s Prime Day.

If you are shopping directly on, remember that their Prime Day deals are only available for those with a Prime subscription. So consider purchasing your very own Amazon Prime subscription.

Unfortunately, if you’re in Canada (like our headquarters!) Prime Day is postponed this year due to Covid-19. But we still want to offer our all our customers awesome deals!

Awesome Deals for FixMeStick Customers

Just because it’s Prime Day doesn’t mean that deals are limited only to Amazon. You’ll find great deals from major retailers, as well as from our online store directly! As a FixMeStick customer, you can enjoy some discounts on our favorite products below (these deals are for all our customers – Canadians included!):

Deal #1 – McAfee Total Protection

Investing in a dependable antivirus is the first step in protecting you and your computer, and it can help keep your family’s identity and information protected while you’re banking, socializing or surfing the web.

We’ve partnered with McAfee to get a special discount for FixMeStick customers. McAfee Total Protection acts as a first line of defense to keep you safe from any scammers trying to take advantage of Prime Day shoppers! Save today on one of the world’s best antivirus programs – click here!

Deal #2 – System Mechanic

Like your car, your PC requires regular maintenance to prevent slowdowns, crashes and potential system failures. System Mechanic’s one-click software performs maintenance on your PC to keep it stable and clutter-free. It’s an easy way to stop frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes by clearing junk from your PC to make it work noticeably better – get it for more than 50% off here!

Deal #3 – NordVPN

If you use the Internet you need a VPN – it is all you need for a better online experience. Imagine a VPN as a hack-proof, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow. Nobody can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your internet data. It helps you stay secure online, you can be confident your data is always private, and enjoy the Internet without restrictions. To learn more about NordVPN and get an exclusive discount click here!

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