Amazon Prime Day 2020: What You Need to Know

Amazon’s Prime Day starts on October 13 this year! Last year 100 million products were sold in 36 hours – which is no surprise as many people treat it like a Black Friday in the summer. This year is a little different, in that they’ve pushed the event to October!

However, with the growing popularity of Prime Day and online shopping, online hackers and scammers are still ready to take advantage of this increase in web traffic.

We want to make sure you stay safe while snagging the best deals, so today we’re sharing some products that will help you stay safe online while you shop.

History of Prime Day

Go back 15 years and you would’ve never heard of Prime Day. That’s because the event was created 10 years ago by the online retail giant, Amazon. In recent years, other retailers have hopped onto the trend by holding their own sales at the same time as Amazon’s Prime Day.

If you are shopping directly on, remember that their Prime Day deals are only available for those with a Prime subscription. So consider purchasing your very own Amazon Prime subscription that allows you to enjoy fast and free deliveries, free entertainment like music, videos, books, and more!

If you are not planning on shopping on Amazon directly, or if you have no plans to become an Amazon Prime member, don’t worry, you can still enjoy Amazon deals here!

Awesome Deals for FixMeStick Customers

Just because it’s Prime Day doesn’t mean that deals are limited only to Amazon. You’ll find great deals from major retailers, as well as from our online store directly! As a FixMeStick customer, you can enjoy some discounts on our favorite products below:

Deal #1 – System Mechanic®

System Mechanic’s one-click software performs maintenance on your PC to keep it stable and clutter-free. It’s an easy way to stop frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes by clearing junk from your PC to make it work noticeably better – get it for more than 50% off here.

Deal #2 – FixMeStick

We designed the FixMeStick to remove viruses that are hidden or hard to reach. Scan your system with the FixMeStick to remove viruses lurking on your system, improving your computer’s speed and overall functioning, if the issues are caused by viruses! Save 20% for Prime Day here.

Deal #3 – StartMeStick

Do you have an unknown software issue causing your computer to be stuck on a blue screen? How about an old Windows 7 computer that runs slow and can no longer be updated? Looking to breathe new life into your old computer and start shopping online in a private and secure way? The StartMeStick is your solution to all these frustrating computer issues. Try it today and save!

Deal #4 – McAfee Total Protection

Keeps your family’s identity and information protected while you’re banking, socializing or surfing the web. We’ve partnered with McAfee to get a special discount for FixMeStick customers. McAfee Total Protection acts as a first defense to keep you safe from any scammers trying to take advantage of Prime Day shoppers! Save today on one of the world’s best antivirus programs – click here!

Have a question about Prime Day or our deals? Leave us a comment below. And don’t forget to share this with your friends so you can all stay safe while getting access to the best deals!