Polish up Your Internet Safety Skills

This is part I in a series of blog posts we have written about Internet Safety. Let us know in the comments if you like these articles. Plus if you haven’t read the other articles, you can check them out below.

Part II: You Graduated to Internet Safety 202

Part III: 5 More Internet Safety Tips for the Everyday User

We often get asked by our customers what else they can do to be safer online. Unfortunately, there is no single thing you can do to 100% protect yourself. But there are lots of simple, easy things you can do everyday to boost your internet safety beyond FixMeStick.

Having an up-to-date antivirus running on your computer everyday and using FixMeStick once a month is essential, but we’re here to help increase your online security beyond FixMeStick. Here are some extra things you can do to polish up your Internet security.

Ensure your browsing is private and secure. 

A good start to improve your online security is to use a secure web browser. We like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox because they’re easy to use but also offer the privacy you want.

Most browsers come with a built in “private browsing mode” that will hide your browsing history from others who use your device. On Google Chrome it’s called “incognito“, or if you’re using Firefox you can open a “Private Window“.

FixMeTip: This doesn’t make you anonymous. Your Internet service provider (ISP) and the sites you visit can still gather information. If you want a more private Internet experience try a VPN. You can check out our full guide to VPNs here.

StartMeTip: Try using a StartMeStick! It has a built-in TOR browser that offers VPN-like functions to secure your browsing data.

Protect your accounts. 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have complex, unique passwords for all your accounts. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Make your passwords at least 10 characters long – and make sure they use numbers and symbols, plus lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Don’t use the same password across multiple accounts
  • If you have to share your passwords be careful how you do it – don’t email, text or instant message them with all the account information

Want to check if your password is secure? Check this out!

Keep a clean inbox.

For Clean Out Your Inbox Week we went over tips to keep a clean and safe inbox. With so many phishing scams out there it’s important to keep an eye out for malicious emails so you don’t become a victim. Before you open an email make sure to ask yourself:

  • Is the email from an unknown sender?
  • Are there spelling or grammar mistakes in the email or subject line?
  • Did a trusted program mark it as spam?
  • Does this remind you of a recent scam you’ve be warned of?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these you may want to think twice before opening and clicking on that email. You can check out our full guide here.

Update. Update. Update. 

Updates are specifically designed to patch weaknesses and make your software more secure and work better. Although they can be annoying they’re important. Using outdated software was one of the biggest cyber security mistakes people didn’t realize they were making. You can see the whole list here.

Wondering if you’re up-to-date? Check these links out:

  • If you’re on an Apple Mac here is some additional information
  • On a Windows PC? Here you go.

For more internet safety tips, check out our follow-up blog post – Internet Safety 202.

To test your internet safety knowledge, see if you can pass our ultimate Internet Safety Quiz!

What do you do to stay safe online? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Millie Hehn - Reply

    Hi once microsoft is not doing the windows 7 updates in 2020 how safe is my computer going to be? Yes I still have the windows 7.

  2. Anonymous - Reply

    We got a cheap laptop. The only thing we use it for is banking and ordering online. There is no email address or anything else that comes to that computer. When we are not using it, we keep it unplugged to power or to the internet.

    • Anonymous - Reply

      You still need a VPN on it. Ordering on line is a potential Hazard Site you could have been diverted to, Hackers have tricks and and can code apps.
      Danger , Danger, Will Robinson
      Never Under Estimate you Enemy

  3. Boyde Colwell - Reply

    I tried NORDVPN, it caused my router to crash every few hours, had to reset the router to get it operational again. Also, the use of the VPN caused one of my banks to think my account had been compromised, i had to travel to a bricks and mortar facility to get a replacement card.
    They did refund my money within a couple of days.

    • FixMeStick - Reply

      Hey there Boyde, sorry to hear about this experience! It’s true that if you connect the VPN to your router instead of a device it might cause a slower connection. Regarding your bank, they should better anticipate the use of this software.

  4. GARRY GAUDETT - Reply

    I keep getting calls from companies saying I have security soft ware from them that isn’t working and want to give me a refund, but have to be on my computer to receive it. I hang up on them, then co mputer screws up for awhile

    • FixMeStick - Reply

      Hey there Garry, we’d suggest blocking these phone numbers, outbound phone calls are a sign of tech scams. Run a FixMeStick scan and if you’re still experiencing anything strange on your computer please contact our support at support@fixmestick.com

  5. daniel graham - Reply

    I am retired, I do not use the computer for work or communication at this time. I have one brother and we have an agreement that if he sends me an email, he is to telephone me to turn on the computer- well if we are talking on the phone, just tell me. when the computer is off, it is off the power bar controlling the modem and computer is turned off– so no power to modem or computer weeks sometimes for month

  6. Mary-Jane Peaco - Reply

    I’m having a problem with two sites (one of them being Comic-Con) not showing the “Captcha” portion so I can prove I’m not a “robot.” I am at a loss as to what to do. Everything else works on my HP laptop. Any suggestions?

    • FixMeStick - Reply

      Hey there Mary-Jane, sorry to hear this! Have you tried using other web browsers? Or updating them to the latest version?

  7. Anonymous - Reply

    Maurice godin I use fix me stick every few months or so always says my computer is safe so far i guess its good thanks

  8. Anonymous - Reply

    I purchase one of you devices, worked good, can’t find it, I guess I lost it. What would be the cost of getting another stick

  9. Anonymous - Reply

    TOR Browser bundle is one of the best VPN available and it is free and easy to use.

    Just install and go.

    • FixMeStick - Reply

      Hey there, we recommend running a scan once a month, this way you know your computer is clean and the FixMeStick is updated.

  10. Anonymous - Reply

    Hi–I use chromebook and the incognito window to watch youtube and surf the web–I have a new letter from the white house-and keep my email cleaned out–but sign in or out of my email account —- google will track you and fill up the youtube page with fake news–and adds–even into the inbox of your email–so be safe–

  11. Sharon D - Reply

    Hi….. I use duckduckgo.ca for my search engine. It does not track you. What are your thoughts please.

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hey Sharon, DuckDuckGo is also a good option. They don’t store any of your history, and its extension prevents you from being tracked elsewhere. This is a great option that protects your privacy.

  12. Dawna - Reply

    I am still having problems with my computer. When I click on an item to go to the next step it just stays in the same place.

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hey Dawna! I took a look at your account. Seems like you haven’t run a scan in a couple months. We would suggest running a scan with Internet connection so FixMeStick updates and finds the latest threats. If you’re having trouble getting it started or still having issues after, send us an email to support@fixmestick.com and someone will be able to help you.

  13. Nancy Blonde - Reply

    I have wireless internet can the fix me stick work on my computer? Please email me the info and phone number to get the fix me stick. Thank you!

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Terry, I checked your account and it looks like your 30-day trial has renewed into a one-year subscription. We’ve reached out to you by email about this. Please send the serial number of your FixMeStick (It is found on the side of the stick and starts with FMS) to support@fixmestick.com. It needs to be linked to this order in order to be activated.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi James, I checked your account and it looks like you ordered a renewal to use your existing FixMeStick. This means you will not get a new FixMeStick shipped to you. You would simply get another year to use this FixMeStick, as well as any software updates during this year. We’ve reached out to you via your email address to clarify this issue. You can also contact us at support@fixmestick.com if you have any other questions about this order.

  14. Thomss - Reply

    Periodically i load FMS while i’m booting my pc. The computer has been off at least overnight, yet i receive a error message that the pc did not complete shut off. Do i need to unplug it? Thanks!

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Thomas, if you are seeing this error message while running your FixMeStick, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

  15. Rich Oliver - Reply

    I bought a FixMeStick but never could never get it to run. The screen display while (presumably) scanning never changed – no indication of progress. On the chance that it was actually running, but not giving me any feedback about that, I let it run for days. Nothing changed, and eventually I needed the PC back. I did this several times.

    I contacted FMS and was advised that it could take several attempts before it would successfully complete a scan, so I continued to try. Eventually the year ran out without a single completed scan. I was advised to renew for another year and keep trying. I signed on with the other domestic company, instead. I am left with no basis to compare the two, other than the fact that “Brand P” scans do complete, and they do so in just a couple of hours. Am I the only one who had this problem?

    Rich Oliver

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Rich, Sorry to see that your FixMeStick never worked! We can definitely refund you for the renewal since you never had a chance to use it. We’ve reached out to you via our support email. Please reply to that email and we can help you from there.

  16. Rosemary Lundy - Reply

    My fix it stick has never successfully worked regardless of what I have tried. Very discouraging.

    • Linda - Reply

      Hi Rosemary, I’m sorry to see that your FixMeStick never worked. Please check your email as our technical support team can help you get it started and have reached out to you by email.

  17. Robert G. Clark - Reply

    I purchased your lifetime -5 computers FIXMESTICK and use it regularly on 1 Desktop ,3 Lapotps and 1tablet. It works great every time . I have had 3 other fix me sticks for yearky periods before this and when I seen this deal I GRABBED IT. Thanks for this great product.

  18. Stewart Wilson - Reply

    I just this morning ordered the one month trial version but later found my old stick. Is it possible to send me the a trial ctivation code for this stick in lieu of sending a replacement stick which I would have to wait for.

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hi Randall,

      Can you send us an email to support@fixmestick.com with the serial number on the side of the USB? We can look into if your FixMEStick needs an upgrade.


  19. Anonymous - Reply

    randy phillips rhf27536@gmail.com
    I purchased your lifetime for 5 computer fixmestick I use regularly I had it for a few years use it on a window 10 and older computer a window xp fixmestick run great on both of them thank you fixmestick

  20. Robert - Reply

    I have had FIXMESTICK for a long time. I run a scan once a week. Have never had any problems until today. I got something called Idle Buddy installed on my computer. I can’t uninstall the whole program. And I can’t uninstall an old version of IE. I keep getting a shortcut for it in the task bar. When I did a FIXMESTICK scan today it found and removed 2 items. Would this have been the Idle Buddy Malware? I use Vipre Anti Virus and I use Track Off.

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hi Robert,

      It sounds like a pesky software. If you’d like we can remote connect and manually remove that for free. Simply email us at support@fixmestick.com and someone will be happy to help.


  21. TONY ARENA - Reply


  22. Anonymous - Reply

    I run fix me stick once a week, no problems so far. I’ve had occupied years now

  23. Stacey - Reply

    I read in one of the comments that a client uses his FMS on a tablet. When I inquired I was told the FMS doesn’t work on tablets. Has this changed? Will my FMS now work on my tablet, or would I need a new stick (I have 2 lifetime sticks, but have so far only activated 1 stick on desktop and laptop).

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hi Stacey,

      FixMeStick isn’t compatible with most tablets. If you can email us with the specific model we can give you more information!


  24. Anonymous - Reply

    When I purchased my lifetime FMS I registered my Gateway which I retired when it went out of commission. Can you take it off the list so I can add my tablet?

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hi Sylvia,

      Unfortunately, FixMeStick isn’t compatible with most tablets. Send us an email to support@fixmestick.com with more details about the tablet and we’ll see how we can help!


  25. Anonymous - Reply

    I had the same problem with my Fix me Stick not working until a friend told me not to open the lid of my pc and then plug it is [ which is what I was doing] So I plugged in the stick first, then opened the pc lid,and voila! Fix me Stick was doing what it was meant to do. Wish I had known this a year ago instead of having it sit idle because each time I tried before with the lid open nothing happened. Hope this tip might help other’s …Mickaela. mpangel35@yahoo.com

  26. Lee Miller - Reply

    I have windows 7 and a lifetime FIXMESTICK.I have used it about 4 times now and seems to take a long time to scan (16 1/2 hours),but works smooth.So why change
    perfection.Works well for me.

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for reaching out. Can you please send us an email to support@fixmestick.com with the serial number from the side of the USB so we can look into this further for you?


  27. Kilvy - Reply

    FixMeStick family… As always excellent advice. I wouldn’t have gotten this far had it not been for your priceless info. I truly thank you 🙂 !

    • Keegan Anfield - Reply

      You’re welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment, we love hearing from users like yourself!

  28. Shaun - Reply

    Safety is über alles for me! I use proxy, I use password generator and manager and do change them quite often. But the most important for me is using VPN. I have read a lot of reviews and articles on “top providers” and was choosing between Nord and Express. They are claimed 2 best. And for me, Nord is a better option. The price is admirable, usage is simple as it can be and the speed is good. It doesn’t mean that others are bad, it’s just it is the best for me and my needs.
    ALSO! Your article is very informative and helpful

  29. Anonymous - Reply

    Thanks Fix Me Stick for these tips. Taking these quizzes are helpful as it shows that despite how careful I think I am, there’s still 1 or 2 that can trip me up so still room for improvement in web life security, lol. I usually trust no one in the cyber world and always check even on my legitimate banking site to make sure security features are in place before starting to type any log in information. The last 4 years now I’ve used “Vipre” antivirus and internet security to protect my computer. During that 4 year time I have never had but one issue, someone or a virus was attempting to take control of my computer. I credit Viper for stopping the intrusion from spreading further into my computer, and definitely your fix me stick which quickly located, quarantined, and removed from my computer the virus or who ever it was. Thanks again for creating a product that does what it’s designed to do, so refreshing to trust something, lol.

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