Can You Spot the Latest Shopping Scams?

We’ve shared some of the latest shopping scams that have popped up in recent months. This week, we’ve created an exciting new quiz to test your knowledge of shopping scams!

How ready are you to shop until you drop? Scroll down to try the quiz and see how many scams you can spot from the real deals.

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Shopping Scam or Not?

See if you can score a pass! Some answers are partially correct so try to choose the best answer for each case.

If you are confused about any of the questions, you can check out the detailed solutions to each question here.

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  1. Paul Seabrook -

    My answer re: Air Canada is not wrong as I have never been on one of their planes.

    I never click on any PayPal emails, most I get are spoofs which they confirmed.

    So I don’t except your results…

    • Linda -

      Hi Paul, thanks for trying our quiz! This is a tricky quiz and some of the solutions are partially correct. To see why the Air Canada answer is not correct, check out the detailed explanation here. Basically, it does not matter whether you have flown with Air Canada recently or not. The important thing is to check the sender’s email address.

  2. Anonymous -

    Enjoyed the Quiz I tend to not trust anything offered on the net. Got 4 – 7 hard to trust anything these days but do know how to check the sender out. thank you

    • Linda -

      Hi Keith! When you answer a question wrong it will tell you immediately that it was wrong. The background of the picture would be highlighted in red as well if you were wrong.

  3. Bert Nash -

    I goofed! I think i read too much into the quizzes and created doubt in my decisions for each response

    • Linda -

      Thanks for trying our quiz, Bert! This is a tricky one so it’s good to see that you were thinking twice about each response.

  4. Ron Brown -

    Always take the time to check out any offer before concurring with any deal because the time you take to investigate right now will save you a lot of grief later .

  5. Robert Canamar -

    I don’t like to shop on the internet. Brick and mortar shopping is a lot more my style. ANYTHING on the internet shopping is suspicious to me.

  6. Anonymous -

    usually donot shop on Good Friday——-donot want to deal with it,.

  7. Anonymous -

    5 out 7 not bad ….but still got caught. I think I’m quite careful but made mistake. Easy done. Plus got 2 scam emails from amazon the other day and opened one as had bought an item that day. I was so annoyed with myself ….got to be on your guard all the time. Thanks Jacky.

  8. Jon Smitherman -

    I enjoy these quizzes and appreciate you taking the time to send them out. Thanks Linda.

    • Linda -

      Thanks for trying our quiz, Jon! We do take the time to create them to make sure they are relevant and educational.

    • Linda -

      Great job, Lisa! We’ll definitely share more quizzes in the future!

  9. Teej -

    I do not shop on line in general.. Need the workout of going store to store and keeping my money local as much as possible.. If half of our USA population did this , think of how many scammers would go out of business…

  10. Anonymous -

    Air Canada got me–did not look at email address close–I let the birds do the flying now–lol–Happy Thanksgiving

  11. Ninnetta Francellno -

    Thanks for the survey… I usually don’t shop online.. I do occasionally, I avoid thank u gift cards & any other gift thank u gift
    If anyone has something for me please send it to me..Because of so many scams I don’t even use my PayPal acct….Thanks Again

  12. Anonymous -

    I like these kind of quizzes, keep them coming. I only shop online on sites I have used for years. Karen

  13. Bonnie Bremner -

    5 out of 7 not too bad I didn’t think paypal sent out any messages and the first question my brain was not thinking in the right direction. Good quiz.

  14. Jeffrey Jones -

    I missed 2. I think that’s pretty good. I’m getting texts from what appears to be Amazon about a delivery verification or there is a bounty/reward attached to my order. I call Amazon to find they didn’t send me any texts. The scammers are getting better at trying to entice you to click the link. Not me. I verify everything. I can’t figure out how they know I have an order or a delivery to send the text. Anyone have an answer?

    • Linda -

      Hi Jeffrey, thanks for sharing your experience! It’s worth to note that scammers like to pretend to be big companies since there’s a higher chance of you having used their services or products recently.

      This is why it does not matter whether you are expecting a delivery from Amazon or not. Most likely the scammers send these mass texts to multiple phone numbers with the expectation that at least a few of these recipients must be expecting a parcel from Amazon.

  15. barbara -

    I go to the website of Amazon,etc. to check out offers. I ask for help from their customer service, also.

  16. -

    Thanks for the survey… I usually don’t shop online..

  17. Anonymous -

    Since Covid19 I have had time to do a lot of research and to review information on fix me stick. This information is so valuable. I thought I was good at recognizing scams but only got 4 out of 7. I don’t use credit cards on line. I pay for items with paypal since I find this to be safe. Thank you so much. Anita

  18. Wanda Thompson -

    I missed 1. 6 of 7 is pretty good. I missed the intlpaypal question too. I did not see that address in the email. I try to be very careful when ordering online. I use paypal a lot because they guarantee the products that you purchase or your money back. Nice to know that I am doing a good job.

  19. Anonymous -

    I don’t have a Pay Pal account so I have no idea what their logo looks like. That is the only one that I missed. But to be on the safe side, I would not accept unless I knew for certain it was Pay Pal.

  20. Vivian Johnson -

    The only one that I missed was about the Pay Pal account which I do not have. I have no idea what the logo looks like. But I would not open unless I knew for certain.

  21. Judy S. -

    I got 6 out of 7. Thanks for the quiz on scams, I needed that. I really didn’t know that PayPal sent out emails to update your account, nice to know but they will never update my information cause I don’t even click on links that ask for information like that.

  22. Paul Denyer -

    The PayPal one caught me out because whether an email is supposed to be from my bank, building society or PayPal I never click on any links but instead log into to the relevant web-site (bookmarked in my browser) and look for any messages or action I need to take so in this case I’d log into my PayPal account and update my card details as necessary. It takes a few seconds longer than clicking a link but you know it’s safe and secure.

  23. David Wyatt -

    David Wyatt – Reply
    Got 6 out of 7. Missed the first one, wasn’t paying close enough attention. Good way to get sucked into a scam. I’ve been scammed before a couple of times. The old saying is “that it only takes once.” WRONG, these guys are clever have to check everything thoroughly. And I agree with Paul Denyer. For the extra time it takes to go to the site rather than clicking on the link is well worth the small inconvenience. I prefer to see the REAL product I’m purchasing, I like to touch it, smell it, taste it if need be, it’s difficult to get used to this on line shopping. I like to pick the one that goes home with me!! Done.

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