My computer is so much faster, after just one click!

I LOVE my FixMeStick, but after chatting with them I learned that viruses are just one of many things that slows down your computer.

I was happy that my computer was clean and safe from malware, but I still wanted a fast computer. It’s so frustrating waiting for things to load. I had time to make a coffee while waiting for my computer to even startup.

I had tried playing around with things myself to speed it up but was afraid to mess stuff up. I didn’t want to download one of those ‘free’ programs online – who knows what that would put on my system.

Then FixMeStick told me about System Mechanic.

System Mechanic is a PC optimization software. It’s what FixMeStick uses in their office to keep their computers running their best!

Restore your PC’s speed and love your computer again.

So just like our cars, apparently our PCs require regular maintenance to prevent slowdowns, crashes and potential system failures (ahhh!). They told me to give System Mechanic a try because it does all of that with one click.

I just had to run it once a month, like my FixMeStick, to keep my computer fast, stable and clutter-free.

Reading about it, I couldn’t get over everything it did:

Boosts speed – automatically increase available CPU, RAM and hard drive resources so I can game, edit and stream without hold ups or freezes.

Remove bloatware – I didn’t even know this was a thing. But System Mechanic identifies unwanted startup programs that slow me down – there are programs that run without me knowing.

Cleans out clutter – it removes over 50 types of hidden junk files that I don’t need so I have more room for what I do need – my documents, movies, music, and photos!

Unleashes Internet speed – it optimizes Windows Internet settings for faster downloads, faster page loads, and less spinning circles and buffering.

All with one click!

I know what you’re thinking, it’s probably annoying to install and really complicated. It’s not! FixMeStick’s team walked me through the installation and then all I had to do was click one button. It can’t get much easier.

It automatically does the rest for me so I just let it run. Now my computer is way faster. I don’t get those annoying errors messages for no reason. I can check my Facebook, email and play a game at the same time without my computer freezing on me.


Check out what other’s are saying about it too.

“If your PC isn’t blazing along at the same pace it did when you first pressed the power button a few weeks, months, or years ago, you should invest in iolo System Mechanic.” – PC Magazine

“System Mechanic is a solid option for users who hope to breathe new life into their PC as well as current customers looking to ensure they have the latest from iolo’s software line.” – TechRadar

“System Mechanic’s optimizations have a noticeable positive impact on performance.” – Softonic

I am so thankful FixMeStick recommended System Mechanic. I didn’t want to buy a new computer, and don’t know enough about computer to futz with this stuff myself.

Order System Mechanic today and restore your PC’s speed so you love your computer again.

For a limited time – SAVE 50% off! It is only $24.95 to get this and have a faster computer today.

AND because you’re a FixMeStick customer you get the Whole Home License® for use on all your home PCs at no extra charge.

But hurry, there are limited quantities and this is offer is going fast.


Last chance! Offer ends 8th May , 2020.


  1. Anonymous -

    HOW MUCH DOES IT COST–Am concerned about buying a pig in a poke????

  2. Tamara Humphrey -

    Hi, I have used this product before so I already have the stick. Do I need to order another one or can I just pay and you reactivate the one I have?

    My other question is, if I have to order a new stick because you are not able to reactivate an old one, how long does the stick work for? Is it 1 time on each computer/device or 12 times or 1 year as many times as I want/need??

    Tamara Humphrey

    • Linda -

      Hi Tamara, you can contact us with the serial number of your FixMeStick if you require assistance renewing it to reactivate it. When ordering a new FixMeStick, you can start using it right away as soon as you receive it and most 1-year subscriptions can be used an unlimited number of times on the registered computers.

  3. Carole Cottom -

    Are u saying that after I buy a Fix me stick I still have to buy this mechanic stick too?

    • Linda -

      Hi Carole, FixMeStick cleans out viruses on your computer while System Mechanic cleans out junk files in general. Depending on the needs of your computer you can decide if you need one or both.

  4. Anonymous -

    does this mechanic come on a stick as well, if I buy them both how long to get them in Vancouver. Another thing what about this PC stick that runs ever thing regardless of the status of your computer.

    • Linda -

      Hi there, thanks for your interest! Please note that System Mechanic is not a physical product. When you make a purchase, you will be sent an activation code and a download link to your email so there are zero delivery times for it. Please stay tuned to our Slow Computer series as we will be featuring the StartMeStick in the next blog article.

  5. Dan Lybarger -

    I have been a user of System Mechanics for many years. I have also done some beta testing for them. It is beyond a doubt the best performance tool out there for keeping your computer running at peak performance. Their tech support team is also top notch.

    • Linda -

      Thanks for your feedback, Dan! Glad to see that System Mechanic worked well for your computer!

    • Linda -

      Hi Stephen, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, System Mechanic is designed for Windows computers only. Stay tuned to our blog as we will share some solutions to speed up Mac computers soon.

  6. Richard Palancio -

    I bought “Screw Me Stick” last year and it only worked one time. I worked like crazy to find a way to contact you about it and never could find one.

    I would never buy it again and hope it would work for me.

    • Linda -

      Hi Richard, I checked your email address and I don’t see a FixMeStick linked to your account. Have you tried contacting us at If you email us there with the serial number printed on your FixMeStick, then we can look it up and troubleshoot any issues you are having. We usually respond to emails within 24 hours.

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