Meet Some of the Women of FixMeStick

This week, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day, which takes place on March 8th every year. This is a “global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women”. The theme for this year’s campaign is #BalanceForBetter, so it’s focused around encouraging the global community to work towards greater gender equality.

Some of the team here at FixMeStick!

Here at FixMeStick, women make up over 50 percent of our amazing team! But this is in no way the norm. In 2013, it was reported by Cybersecurity Ventures that women make up only 11 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce. This number is expected to rise to 20 percent by the end of 2019, but we, the women of FixMeStick, don’t think this is enough.

As Forbes explains, closing the gender gap in the cybersecurity industry is about so much more than statistics:

  • When we have more people with diverse backgrounds working in cybersecurity, we can more easily catch and defend against cyber criminals who also have very diverse backgrounds
  • There are tons of jobs to fill — Cybersecurity Ventures estimates 3.5 million job openings in the cybersecurity field by 2021 — regardless of gender, we want capable, knowledgeable, hard-working professionals to fill these openings

Rose Elliott, Senior Director of Product Engineer at states “the only way to change the industry is for more women to get in and break down these barriers”. To celebrate this we wanted to recognize some of the dedicated and talented women who make up our team!

Introducing The Women Of FixMeStick

Claire – Digital Marketing Specialist and Web Developer

How did you get into the technology industry?

I originally started on the Customer Support Team. I was fresh out of university and needed a job. Soon after I took an interest in tech and started learning web development on my own. Then I started doing web dev tasks and eventually redesigned our website! Recently, I’ve grown interested in digital marketing so I’ve taken on a role as our Digital Marketing Specialist. I love all things web and digital and I’m super interested in the growth of online business. Tech is a fun challenge for me!

Why do you think it is important to celebrate other women in the technology and cybersecurity fields?

It’s so important to celebrate other women in tech and appreciate the challenges we face in this predominantly male industry. Women are making a place for themselves as leaders but we face everyday challenges that can make working in tech hard. It’s important for women to celebrate women in tech and to get more women involved in order to break down barriers and stigmas blocking this positive progression. As we’ve learned here at FixMeStick, a variety of ideas – both male and female – allow for exciting and amazing outcomes!

Linda – Customer Support Specialist

How did you end up working at FixMeStick?

I started working here after graduating from university. I was interested in working in the tech industry and learning about how these companies work. I applied online to join the customer support team and got the job!

Why do you think the technology world needs more women?

I think the technology sector can sometimes be an intimidating place for women, especially if they are the only woman working there and don’t feel like their voices are being heard. That’s why it’s important to bring together women in technology to show other girls that it’s fine to choose a career path where women are under-represented.

Keegan – Director of Marketing

How did you get into the tech industry?

I joined FixMeStick 4 years ago, right out of university, as part of our customer support team. I didn’t know much about computers but the work environment was great! I soon found myself in marketing and loved it and now I’m the Director of Marketing.

Why do you think there needs to be more women in the tech sector today?

More women in tech now will upend the perception that tech jobs are for men and also encourage young girls to pursue whatever career path they want. Girls and women alike should be confident to go into whatever sector they’re interested in, and not be intimidated by a historically male dominated field. We also need more women in tech so people stop assuming I’m a man when they email me.

Laura – Customer Support Specialist

And Chloe, our office dog, who is still mastering smiling at the camera.

How did you end up working at FixMeStick?

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I wanted a new and exciting challenge. I decided to take some coding courses online, and really enjoyed the work. I was hired by FixMeStick a year ago and have really valued being able to gain practical people skills and increase my knowledge of technology. FixMeStick has allowed me to grow, both as a person and as a woman in tech!

Why do you think the technology world needs more women?

I think the tech industry needs more women because it will show younger generations that there’s no need to stick to a particular gendered field. Anyone should be able to follow their dreams, regardless of their identity.

What’s next?

The solution may seem simple: hire more women for cybersecurity careers!

But the reality is that women often don’t see tech careers as viable, because they’re traditionally considered masculine professions. There is also a fear of being subjected to gender bias in the workplace. Women shouldn’t feel intimated, but that’s often the case in the industry.

We’re fortunate to work for an awesome company where we’re encouraged to pursue whatever paths interest us. We hope you enjoyed getting to know some of us here at FixMeStick.

Do you want a career in tech or cybersecurity, or want to inspire a woman in your life to go into these fields? Here are some resources for women looking to start their career in cybersecurity today:

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  1. Tony Nicholson -

    For the past 70 years or so I have always been puzzled why all walks of life have seemed to dismiss the idea that half the potential of intelligence has been ignored. Now I am coming to the end of my life I am encouraged by a
    small but significant improvement as Fixmestick’s example shows. There is so much more room for improvement and I am sure it will be a better world for it.

  2. Dave skelton -

    Great initiative on getting women to perform tasks that many think that only
    Males can do……I find women can do the work very well that men have been doing…….your staff of women and men seem to be
    In synch…????

  3. Rick Ingram -

    Laura helped me with a problem I had with my Fix-me-stick. She suggested a few things, one of which cured my problem. She was very professional, so many thanks to her.

    • FixMeStick -

      Thanks so much for your feedback, we appreciate it. 🙂 Laura is only one of the agents that makes up our knowledgeable and patient team of customer support here at FixMeStick, and we’re so glad you had a good experience with her. We all love to see a customer we helped be satisfied with the service they received. Keep reading the FixMeStick blog and let us know if you have any further comments or questions!

  4. Anonymous -

    This feature is truly appreciated and as a team of intelligent women, you are making a very real difference in a male dominated field. Congratulation to each & every one of you & for this company to making this possible. As a customer, I am proud to support such as progressive company. Keep up the great work !

    Mr. J. Paul Richer
    A very happy & satisfied customer.

  5. Anonymous -

    Lov YUO Gays Kipp Good Work For The Peplo Thanks

  6. Penny Neave -

    It is always nice to see girls in the working force. Also its nice to see men to ,but girls rock. lol 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love FixMeStick

  7. Anonymous -

    About time that the computer industry utilizes women on the front lines of trouble shooting. One of the best techs that I know locally is a woman and a good friend. Kick butt ladies.

  8. Donna Rickman -

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information, I am very pleased to see these young women getting involved in this high tech operation. I had the opportunity to deal with Laura this past week, being a senior citizen, I was at a loss once I plugged in my FixMe Stick, couldn’t remember how I could get it to work this time. Didn’t realize my error until dear Laura directed me “where to go” simple as that” you do not have to choose English this time, just click on the title and it should bring up the files you need”. She proved to be very Professional and instantly knew where I had misdirected my cursor – what a relief it was
    to see this valuable tool, I had purchased a few years ago – now I will use it more often and not have to bother this team of ladies. I wanted to also thank Laura for her curtious (oh how do I spell that word again) service and quick response. Thanks Laura you are a gem!

    • FixMeStick -

      Hi there, thanks so much for your positive feedback, I and the rest of the FixMeStick team really appreciate it. Our whole team knows it can be really hard to grasp technological concepts, so the fact that I could help you in a way that allowed you to better understand your computer is really great to hear. Keep reading the FixMeStick blog and let us know in the future if you need anything from us, we’re happy to help. (:

  9. Adélard Bérubé -

    I am very pleased to find out that FIX ME STICK employs so many women! I want to congratulate you for this!

  10. David More -

    Outstanding young women and congratulations to FixMeStick for recognizing their stellar talents!!

  11. Kenneth Forde -

    Are there any women of African-ddescent on your team? My wife and daughters use your product and they don’t seem to be represented in your ad.

    • FixMeStick -

      Hey Kenneth, at the moment, no. Turnover in the tech field is high and while we do celebrate a diverse team we recognize some minorities are less represented. However we
      seek diversity in our hiring processes always, and genuinely acknowledge the lack of diversity that exists in the field of technology. Thanks for bringing up an important question that should always be discussed.

  12. Melvina C Johnsob -

    I am in IT for the City of Baltimore Maryland

    I have been in the IT field since 2000 and I Love the fact that more and more Woman are in the Field Now.

    Woman IT Power Rules

  13. Mary DeLashmit -

    So far the four women interviewed are all in support jobs. Do you have any women actually working in cybertech? Who are the two women in the right of your photo?

    • Keegan Anfield -

      Hi Mary,

      Keegan here! I started on Customer Support but have since become the Director of Marketing. Claire also started on Customer Support before learning to code and redoing our website! Our support roles are a great way to learn about the product and our customers. It also requires a lot of technical troubleshooting skills. We have a few other women on the team, but not everyone wanted to be interviewed. One is our Customer Support Manager, seen in the top photo, as well as a couple women on our Tier 2 Engineering team.

      Let us know if you have any other questions! We love chatting about our awesome team.


    • Andy Whiteman -

      Hi Mary,
      I have spoken with 2 customer support women at FixMeStick. I felt that they had excellent technical knowledge which was needed to resolve my issue.

  14. Pharon -

    I think women are just as capable as men in solving technical issues.
    As the field of technology grew there should be no limits to who can do the job regardless of their gender. My daughters are much better than me in the field of computer and technology. We should respect people regardless of their gender.

  15. ken -

    Hi – It is good to see all the lady’s hard at work helping others–I use chromebook–when my browser locked up, and it will– google took forever to answer–it was one of the lady.s at fixme who helped me–go girls

  16. Anonymous -

    It’s great to see that fix me stick employ so many women I have got five sisters and it’s great to see the ladies doing a great job I also work in a job we’re a woman has been my boss and friend for many years

  17. Anonymous -

    It is good that women are doing this work. They are smart and are good at what they do. Fix me stick is such a good thing for all . We all need Protection from online threats. We celebrate you for your work in helping us to keep safe. Thank You. L.B.

  18. Anonymous -

    Thank you for your email & introducing me to all your beautiful Canadian Beauties specializing in all the internet & web securities and keeping the Russians from messing our internet world, cos the stupid, idiot, fool, a nut-job, con-man, a habitual lier and a life-long thug & crimenal in my part of world KEEP FALLING in LOVE & WRITING LOVE LETTERS to Putin and Kim Jung Un.

  19. Frances S. Slack -

    Happy to see that you value women’s knowledge, expertise, talent & work ethic. It’s said that “Behind every successful man, there’s a good woman. Now women don’t have to be BEHIND a great man, she can be great in her own right Thank you Fix Me Stick.

  20. Anonymous -

    Félicitations à l’entreprise de s’être lancé dans ce beau défi et à vous mesdames d’y avoir adhéré. Comme dans tout projet, ça prend du temps et vous y êtes arriver. Des pionniers et des pionnières sont là pour ouvrir la porte aux autres générations et ils vous en remercierons plus tard.
    Bonne chance dance votre cheminement et surtout, bonne journée de la femme à vous toutes.


  21. Anonymous -

    Now if the rest of the Country could follow you’r example. We might just have the best country in the world. You would think that during and after WWII the Country would have figured out, the full potential of Women in the workforce. Don’t ever forget about Rosie the riveter. Women made the arsenal of weapons needed to win the war. Then when the men came back, they were dismissed. Back to the home and kitchens. Keep up the fight, go to college. Get the education that gives you the job you want.

  22. Joseph holyk -

    Good Job for all women. Not to long ago women were dismissed back into the homemaker or kitchen wife. After all the women were brought into the workforce to support the men fighting in WWII, Rosie the riveter is the most iconic, as soon as the men came back they were dismissed back to the home. Encourage all women to go to College, get the degree and get the job they want. Don’t let anything hold you back.

  23. Jennifer Giacinto -

    Thanks for sharing these awesome ladies with us!! Sounds like a wonderful company to work for. I especially like your office puppy!!

  24. Anonymous -

    I had a problem with my desk top computer (Optiplex 980), when it was returned they had reinstalled Windows 10-2019. Should I use FixMeStick (FMSFV5617) to reinstall software??? I have two desk tops with the same model (Optiplex 980).

    • Keegan Anfield -

      FixMeStick won’t be able to help reinstall your old software. It can scan and remove viruses hiding on your system. We’d recommend running FixMeStick at least once a month to make sure your devices are clean and secure.

    • Linda -

      Hi there, thanks for your interest. The StartMeStick is a plug-in operating system that revitalizes computers that may no longer be fully functional. The FixMeStick removes viruses from your normal operating system. Further, the StartMeStick resets to factory settings after each use, meaning it never slows down, and it doesn’t collect the junk that causes frustrating errors, crashes, freezes, and slowdowns on your regular operating system. You can learn more about the StartMeStick by checking out our FAQ article. If you have further questions, feel free to email us at!

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